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Posted on: 5 November 2005

I went to sleep hoping for a blissful night of sweet dreams after seeing the Velocity of Gary for the third time this week. This film has left its mark on me. How can a film that has the potential for smuttiness and filth, be so charming and naive in its own way? Valentino and Gary; such sweet souls; an inner beauty shines from them and their love ….. well. I went to sleep with their sweet faces in my head; those kisses so full of passion, so tender, so beautiful, so sad.

What do you all dream?

I mean the sweet dreams when the demons aren’t on the prowl seeking to do nighttime damage to your senses? Do you have sweet dreams that when you rouse from sleep you feel so good, so alive, so happy?

I am a dreamer; I go off into my own little world, a place where for a moment I feel safe.

Then there are the ones that I wake from that shake me to the core. No – no demons, but a feeling so real that I put out my hand and feel his touch and he’s there waiting for me. A feeling so real I can smell him, I know he was there.

Is there meaning to them? A psychologist friend tries to analyse them, but I believe you should just go with them and accept they are what they are, dreams and no more.

BUT …….. have any of experienced sleep paralysis? Oh my, look this one up on the net. Dreams of demons is nothing; this is one almighty scary experience – you cannot move; they are coming to get you; to take the breath out of you; to suffocate you; to carry you away. I am not making this up; you couldn’t make this up – I have known this terrible phenomenon and nothing, nothing compares.

The film obviously had a profound affect on me; I didn’t expect these thoughts to come jumbling out of my mind this Saturday morning; but they have and now what do you all dream?


9 Responses to "DREAMS"

This is what moved me.
Why didn’t I post it?
Not thinking straight.
This is so beautiful, so sweet.
I can’t get these words out of my mind.

Gary dreams ahout kissing someone so hard his mouth hurts
He dreams about kissing someone so soft his heart hurts
So long his neck hurts
So deep his throat hurts
Gary dreams about kissing someone so completely that nothing hurts

That always moves me,just the way he looks at the reporter with contempt while thinking it.
As to dreams,I’ve never suffered Sleep paralysis thankfully.Most of my bad dreams are about not being able to find my kids and they can wake me up cos they feel so real.I have to go and check. good dreams vary,can be to do with what I’ve read or watched before bed,mostly complete fantasy.But I like fantasy!!

moi aussi

I like this Hannala. Thanks for stopping by and I may take you up on that offer. Teehehee

I don’t dream, I have nightmares, I daydream to make up for it.

I daydream too,usually when I’m doing the boring stuff,like walking back after dropping the kids off.Mind you,I have long conversations myself aswell.Only way I can get the answers I want.

eliza, do you know the film Shirley Valentine – I used to equate with her; talking to the walls. This is like talking to the walls, but sometimes you get an answer. LOL

I cannot believ this thing actually has a name!!!
I’ve been suffering from sleep paralysis since I was a little girl, but I’m still convinced that it has a supernatural link to it.
You don’t feel such utter, raw terror from a scientific phenomenon. You DON’T !!
I usually get mine after waking from a nightmare and then, nasty shit starts happening to me, besides the obvious fear and lack of movement, the goosebumps and asphyxia.
I can hear whispers and sometimes they lift me off my bed, pull my hair or bite me. Explain THAT to me…

axe, do look it up on the net. It is a known condition and my first thoughts were to do with the supernatural as well, because of what I was going thru at that time.

However, it is really stress related. Please read about it. I used to feel I was being pushed down, down down, then being lifted and pulled out the window.
I knew I couldn’t move and I would be fighting it off and wake up screaming get off of me.

Thankfully I don’t get this anymore. Unfortunately my son does, but he’s is another story.

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