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Posted on: 25 November 2005

Eliza, as promised a couple of pics …
Bobby may be my fantasy

Rachel’s my reality

Left: Rachel atop elephant in Chiang Mai, Thailand
Right: Halong Bay boat trip Vietnam


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Thank you ann 🙂

Looks like Rachel has been having a wonderful time.Wish I was there!!!

How did the piece for Tovah go?

Eliza xxx

Hi Ann!

Great pics – I’m guessing that’s your daughter – does she live abroad or was this on a trip?

The definition of “pussy-whipped”:
a man that has allowed a woman to emasculate him by threatening to withhold sexual favors.

have a great weekend!

Absolutely awesome pictures. Rachel looks like she is having a blast. I wish I was with her!

thanks everyone.

1) eliza. I have written it, but will probably be posted next week as Tovah’s been busy and is tired and is away for Shabbat (Saturday).
She’s loving every minute.

2) leah. Rachel is my daughter. She is on an eight month holiday backpacking since August. She is 24. As soon as she graduated from university, she worked for three years and is taking her gap time now. I know she spent a lot of time in China and Hong Kong, then Vietnam, Bangkok … I can’t remember it all. Anyway she’s in Laos now. I know she’s going to Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and then on to the States. I wanted to meet her in New York at the end, but she’s decided to see her father in Florida for a freeby holiday. When she gets back she can sort out her love life. The guys swarm round her like a pot of honey.

No wonder I didn’t know the meaning of pussy-whipped. Can’t say it’s something I’ve ever done and definitely not something I could have even come close to trying with my ex. Why would I cut off my nose to spite my face (LOL)

3) dpn. she is having a blast and I wish I was with her too.

Lotsa love everyone Ann xxxxx

Wow! That looked like fun! :0)

Ann: When you have time post some more pictures of Rachel’s trip.

I missed you this shabbat. We have alot to talk about. I think I will be opting for an orthodox conversion. I want to be more frum. We will talk. I will email you tomorrow for sure.

I will post kashrut on Friday and the following week we will do Chanukah.

Rachel looks like she is having a great time.



Hi tovahla – sounds like it was a good shabbat with your lubi friends. I certainly approve of the frum way forward; it will be amazingly hard but if you have the will you will get there.

Shavuah tov and I look forward to hearing from you.

lotsa luv Hannah xxxxx

P.S. Just as there are many facets to our hero, there are many facets to me. Combining all our facets is fascinating

tovah – email me about the kashrut article. You may want to change it or take a different approach. You may want to talk about one thing and me another. let me know.

lotsa luv Ann xxxx

I will Hannala. Thank you sooo much for being there for me. I will email you later todayl. You may be asleep but it will be there for you in the morning.. Shavuah TOv

Lotsla luv


Really nice pictures:)

Nice saddle, and those are great photos. Wonder if she would be up for a ride on a horse, ie, my Regal.Hmmm…

Sounds like you have an awesome daughter.

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