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Posted on: 8 December 2005




Cool pic!! I myself am a Beatles fan too.

It seems so unreal to me that it has been so long since he was killed. He was such a talent! :0)

I loved JL too. P.S. I added a lil something to your blog. I’ll meail you the username and password later.

Lotsa luv

I’m a Beatles fan too.But especially a Lennon fan.Thanks for this!!

Eliza xxxx

P.S. tanisha,do you feel like doing my blog too? I’m useless.

It’s ironic, I was listening to “Happy Christmas” today. John Lennon was such a wonderful individual, who changed music forever- taken from us too soon.

thanks tanisha ~ I’ve been sent it. Just tell me, what’s it for?

Chloe, they were playing Imagine all the time over here.

I can’t believe it was so long ago …. only seems like yesterday.

lotsa luv ann xxxxxx

my friend Liza and I always sing “Here Comes the Sun” back and forth…we were doing it today and I didn’t even realize…

Hi, welcome allie: I see you like Bon Jovi and Counting Crows too. I don’t know the rest of your music except I also like Alanis.

lotsa luv ann xxxxxx

For my 8th birthday, my brother gave me ‘Hey Jude’ (back in the day of 45s) Loved them ever since.

Nice picture. I love the John Lennon Jewelry they sell on QVC of his artwork..that he’s done while he was alive.. if you want to take a look just go to

I love The Beatles cds too..their songs are great!

hugs your friend Janice

*Loooooves the Beatles*

*sniffles* Very sad. Very great guy.

Great man, such a shame.

As a songwriter and as a lover, I treasure all of his music. “Double Fantasy” and the “best of” are on my nightstand. Wanna hear something awful? The 8th is my Mom’s b-day, and she loves the beattles. A sad day for music-You are always missed, John!

Hi geoffrey: the day he died is your mum’s birthday. He shares his birthday 9th October with my mum

but then there are millions of people in the world and only 365 days in the year ………..

lotsa luv ann xxxxxxx

Tanisha: I am trying to reach you regarding your wonderful offer of help. Please email me when you have time.

Ann: I spent some time reading the articles in the media that have come out the last few says about Lennon. One thing really bothers me. He has been gone so long and he loved Ono so much. Why is there still a need in the media to dig up the “Ono broke up the Beatles” crap. That is no way to respect this man who had so much talent! Just my morning rant. 🙂

dny: The Beatles were like every group; they would have split up anyway. They didn’t all get on so well all the time. shabbat shalom sweetheart

lotsa luv ann xxxxx

Mums is the 8th, My auntie’s is the 10th and her oldest daugheter’s is the 12th. I remember the M.N.F anouncement, as I was but a tyke watching the show with my grandpa(a huge American football fan), and I remember my mom just crying. Sad day for the world, really.

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