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Posted on: 13 December 2005

… a picture paints
a thousand words
here are
five thousand


12 Responses to "THEY SAY"

And what a pleasure!! Thank you Ann.

The trouble with all these great pics is that it makes me want to watch the films all over again.24 hours of Vincent.Sounds good to me LOL.

Eliza xxxx

…… what a good idea ….. and I’ve got the house to myself over the holidays ….. just me and vincent ….. now there’s a thought ….. hmmmm

lotsa luv ann xxxxx

I liked this movie even though it was so dark. I tend to like artsy movies. Love the pics. 🙂

the more I see this film, the more I like it. I so love the music and the dancing, it’s so dark and brooding and the grainy effect of the film adds to it. The story line leaves a lot to be desired, but let’s face it, vdo looks exquisite and I think mathilda may is beautiful

nite nite sweet dreams everyone

lotsa luv ann xxxxxx

Feel like dancing naked suddenly.
Whip out that 8 inch stiffy, Vincent!!
(I’m referring to the knife, of course)

Axe: You had to be speaking of a knife because 8 just doesn’t come close to describing sweet cheeks! 🙂

DPNY: What do you reckon?…62 inches?? Whoo-hoo!!

wow, this is getting naughty you cheeky girls (LOL) …. and there was me thinking he just looks so handsome and dashing in these pics and you see something else … hmmm.

lotsa luv ann xxxxxxx

Axe honey, legend has it Vincent is packing 9″………

I too will have some time to myself during the holidays & am planning a D’Onofrio Fest (and if Vincent would like to attend, I’ll get out my ruler 😉 )

diane ….. he’s all mine ~ and girls his dimensions are strictly contre-nous, but take my word for it, perfection ……… sigh

Well, the evidence is everywhere. It’s his fave bodypart, he likes to hint at us with it, Greta (well-known as a sex goddess) couldn’t stop “enjoying” him,his shoe-size…need I say more?
Diane: Where did you come across that particular legend you speak of? Who’s the lucky one who knows?

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