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Posted on: 3 January 2006

I want to share Boaz, my little boy,

his grandmother’s pride and joy,

a landscape of his first ‘half-year’

He lives far away, but in my heart he’s near



OMG Ann: Boaz is just so beautiful. There is no greater joy in this world than looking into the face of a child and he is beautiful. I could eat his cheeks and that smile is so precious. Mazel Tov my friend. 🙂

OMG he is just soooooooooooooooooooo cute!!!!!! It makes me want to have another baby all over again..

hugs your friend Janice

I second what Displaced New Yorker said..

He’s so precious! :0)

I understand where you’re coming from… Sometimes life does get really difficult, and you have to take time for YOU to sort things out… Best of luck- we’re all here for your if you need us! *Hugs*

Awwwwwwwwwww– He’s soooo precious.. How cute is he?

Sweetest thing i’ve ever seen:) love his big eyes just beautiful:)

xxx Brandy

He is too cute. The last pic is my favorite. How do you pronounce his name?

Thank you girls. I know I am totally biased. I would love to be able to post newer photographs, but Jonathan’s camera has broken, so I may have to treat him to a new one at duty free. Hopefully there will be birthday pictures.

His name is two syllables:

Bo sounds like go + az sounds like as = Bo’az

I apologise for removing the last story. I shouldn’t have written it as I was not really in the right frame of mind, but I have no doubt cheeky postings will resume in no time, when I can find my ‘silly little girl’ hat …. doh …. I think Bobby’s hidden it and swopped it with my ‘pensive’ one.

My goodness, it’s really late; almost 2.30 a.m. Think I’ve been dozing and didn’t realise the time.

Goodnite, G-d bless, sweet dreams.

Bobby, Bobby, please tuck me in.

lotsa luv ann xxxxx


I love babies but I pretty much don’t like kids…and OHMYGOD HE IS SO CUTE. You better watch out. I may kidnap him. I’m totally kidding.

ANN: Thank you for those wonderful pics.He makes me broody!!

If you want to talk,you know where I am,OK.I’m nearly always here.

Eliza xxxxx

He is the cutest!!!! I love his eyes!!!! I will email you back later today as i will be for most of it! Hugs!!!

Ann: I had to come and take another look at Boaz before heading to work. Mine went back to school today. It was so hard getting her out of bed. No more sleeping late for her. Not that anyone is sleeping late with a puppy in the house! Have a great day Boaz! 🙂

I love this Ann! Displaced is right; There is no greater joy in this world than looking into the face of a child.
Thanks for giving us a peep.

Love xxx


What a beautiful precious little boy! Have to admit I don’t know much about children, but I would love to spend the day with him, he’s a happy little dude!

I love the pictures. This child is simply beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing him with up. Perfection in such a small package, wonders never cease.

he’s so beautiful, thanks for sharing him. jen x

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