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Posted on: 13 January 2006

“In Israel, in order to be a realist, one must believe in miracles.”

David Ben-Gurion


When the Old and New Cities of Jerusalem were reunited in 1967, a recently widowed Arab woman , who had been living in Old Jerusalem since 1948, wanted to see once more the house in which she formerly lived. Now that the city was one, she searched for and found her old home. She knocked on the door of the apartment, and a Jewish widow came to the door and greeted her. The Arab woman explained that she had lived there until 1948 and wanted to look around. She was invited in and offered coffee. The Arab woman said, “When I lived here, I hid some valuables. If they are still here, I will share them with you half and half.”

The Jewish woman refused. “If they belonged to you and are still here, they are yours.” After much discussion back and forth, they entered the bathroom, loosened the floor planks, and found a hoard of gold coins. The Jewish woman said, “I shall ask the government to let you keep them.” She did and permission was granted.

The two widows visited each other again and again, and one day the Arab woman told her, “You know, in the 1948 fighting here, my husband and I were so frightened that we ran away to escape. We grabbed our belongings, took the children, and each fled separately. We had a three-month-old son. I thought my husband had taken him, and he thought I had. Imagine our grief when we were reunited in Old Jerusalem to find that neither of us had taken the child.”

The Jewish woman turned pale, and asked the exact date. The Arab woman named the date and the hour, and the Jewish widow told her: “My husband was one of the Israeli troops that entered Jerusalem. He came into this house and found a baby on the floor. He asked if he could keep the house and the baby too. Permission was granted.” At that moment a twenty year old Israeli soldier in uniform walked into the room, and the Jewish woman broke down in tears.

“This is your son,” she cried.

This is one of those incredible tales we hear. And the aftermath? The two women liked each other so much that the Jewish widow asked the Arab mother: “Look, we are both widows living alone. Our children are grown up. This house has brought you luck. You have found your son, or our son. Why don’t we live together? And they do.

Chicken for the Soul: Rabbi Hillel E Silverman




Thanks Ann for posting this, it touched my heart.
I’m happy for you, 1 week to go and you have your loved ones in your arms. Looking forward to read everything when your back.
You and your family are in my prayers,


Wow – what a touching story.

I’ve been living in Israel for over a year now and am always very impressed by how well Jews, Muslims, Christians, Druze, Circassians, etc co-exist. It ain’t all like you see on the news!

Thanks for brightening my day!

I love that Ann. That is sweet. I need to get this Chicken soup for the soul. Anyhow, have a fantastic time in ISrael. I am so jealous I can’t be there. Shabbat Shalom my dear friend and can’t wait to see pics of sweet Boaz..

Finn, you have made my day by visiting me; thank you very much. Whereabouts in Israel are you?

liz and tanisha, thanks for your kind words.

it doesn’t matter how often I read this story, everytime it makes my heart flutter.

lotsa luv ann xxxxx

I love this story! It’s a dream of mine to go to Israel 🙂

That was a great story and pictures. Looking forward to pics of Boaz.


I don’t know why, but I’ve had trouble getting my computer to load your blog over the last couple of days. Seems to be working ok now, though.

I live in Kfar Saba, go to university in Haifa, and can therefore be mostly found on Route 4 cursing Israeli drivers very loudly!

Ann: It almost had me in tears. What a beautiful story. I wish everyone in the world would read this and really understand what it means. Shabbat Shalom dear friend! 🙂

Finn: the Israelis have to be the worst drivers in the world. My son says that if the Arabs really wanted to kill every Jew, they should just buy them all a car. [LOL]

I haven’t been to Haifa since …. well the memories of something posted on Bobby’s blog ….. so long ago.

Haifa is beautiful. I once studied ulpan on Kibbutz Hazorea which is between Haifa and Afula.

I really should take a tiul up there again, but this trip I’m with the children for a few days, then flying down to Eilat for sun, sea and … I’m with my mother [LOL]

lotsa luv ann xxxxx

This is the kind of story that reaffirms my faith in God and Man. What beautiful people they both were.
So full of God’s love.

BTW. When I can withstand the passion I do read at home with the Gorens. 🙂

Beautiful,ann.It is good to read something so full of love and hope.Especially as we only see the bad stuff over here.

Thank you

Eliza xxxxx

I hope you have a great time visiting Boaz!

Ann: I cam back to re-read it and print it off to take to shul. I figured you would not mind. At least I hope not. Have a wonderful weekend Ann and everyone. 🙂

Shabbat Shalom

What a lovely story – thanks for sharing it. I hope you have a wonderful visit with your family – can’t wait to hear all about it.

What a precious story :0) Thanks for sharing it with us. Can’t wait to see the pictures of Boaz! I bet he’s on the go all the time now that he’s walking!

What an amazing story. Very beautiful and incredibly moving.

Shabbat Shalom.

Great story, Ann, it touched my heart also. Shabbot Shalom my friend.

hugs Janice

I wish I’d read this sooner! Hugs!

I am so glad the city was reunited. What a beautiful post. I am so glad I visited this blog. Thanks!

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