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Posted on: 18 January 2006


Every person who knows there is wonder and magic in life is a person who looks for it. To discover the magic you have to be looking for it ~ not only in the big events, but in the smallest and simplest ones as well. Look for the magic and your life will never be the same again.”


Regardless of our skills or training, we all have a simple choice we can make in life ~ be a consumer or a creator. Being a creator is more satisfying and uplifting. What you create doesn’t have to be brilliant, or even unique; it just needs to be made by you.”

I love to dip into little books filled with pearls of wisdom; sometimes I need these little reminders and I just wanted to share a couple of them with you ……… and thank you for sharing all your personal little creations.

Lehitra’ot …. see you all soon …. lotsa hugs, love & xxxxx’s


18 Responses to "HOPEFUL THOUGHTS"

This is very nice!!
You’re going away? Stay safe & Have fun!

He’s soooo cute!! No you didn’t get the sack. I think it is a great idea to spread around since you and I was so successful with it… I need to paste it on your site. With your permission of course and maybe find a new template for you while you are gone.. How’s that?

He is a cutie pie. You write such inspirational posts. If you’re around I’m hosting a fun competition over at my blog. I hope you can play! Trying to Catch Up: The Blog Olympics

Anyone can play!

Wonderful inspiration and he’s sooooooo adorable!!!!

hugs your friend Janice

There’s our little Boaz, the handsome little man. Thanks for sharing the pic and your thoughts.

Hugs, your friend always, Kara

Golden Words right there, Ann!!
You took the words right out of my mouth. I was gonna post this morning on this very subject, because yesterday evening was wonderful for me and I wanted to share, but this morning I was fucked with again and I turned bad again.
Maybe I’ll post it tomorrow, okay?

PS: Boaz better pray I never get hold of him. Those eyes will be sucked out from pure love. I just LOVE his eyes!!!

Ann:Inspirational is the word I think.

Have a great trip,won’t you!

Eliza xxxxx

Wonderful trip Ann. Kisses to Boaz from me. 🙂

AH I want to keep that kid for myself! He’s got such cute eyes!

He is absolutely precious!!! Getting even cuter by the day!

I hope you are having an incredible time with your family now! Kiss Boaz for all of us! 🙂

Hope you having a wonderful time with that handsome little man!!! His eyes are so beautiful!!!!

I hope you’re having a wonderful time with your family. Post lots of pics when you get back.

Missing you! Hoping you’re having a wonderful trip!

I miss you!!

Ann is back, Yeah! 🙂

So good to see you back, post more 🙂

Yippeee! Ann is back! We missed you, darling!!!!

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