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Posted on: 2 February 2006



Tell me, when?

How long?

How long does it take

for the pain to subside;

to dull to an ache?

The stab in the back;

arrow through the heart.

How long does it take?

I ask myself, what happened?

I ask myself, what went wrong?

I don’t, I can’t, I should ask him.

Why am I still asking?

It’s been so long.

But the pain never dies

and I’m still asking, why

wasn’t I good enough?

Why can’t I be strong?

How long?

Tell me, how long?


When do the tears

cease their flow?

When will I believe

I can leave this place,

hold up my head

show my face?


When will the shame pass,

the pain and the tears?

How long does it take?

How many more years?








Pulling me, pulling me

this way and that.

What do they want?

Every part of me.

I love them all;

I will never say no.

Can you please?

Would you mind?

I need you to,

have you the time?

Just, fetch, carry,

do it all.

The ones at home,

the ones afar,

the young ones,

the old ones

all pulling me.

And dare I ask

for one little thing?

No, they need me,

they don’t see

I need them too.

I cut myself

into so many parts,

but what is left

for me

at the end of the day,

a lonely worn out broken heart


copyright 2006 ann raven







5 Responses to "BROKEN HEARTS"

I’m glad you’re back, and glad your trip went well. Little Boaz is so adorable – it must have been very hard to leave. One of my life goals is to visit Israel someday.

The poems in today’s post really touched me. Anyone who has had their heart broken can relate to the question “how long?”.I wish I had an answer for that – twenty years and counting for me, although the pain is not always as real as the first few years.

I also relate to being pulled in so many different directions – I sometimes wish I could just run away from all of them: Kids, Mom, Job, it’s too much for one person.

Thankfully, I have my little diversions to keep me sane.

So sad.. 😦 I can relate.

hugs Janice

With all you do for the others in your family I can’t imagine how you must feel. I would not even try. I wish I knew how long it takes to get over the losing of someone you love from your life but I have no clue. I wish I was there with you to give you a hug. If a cyber one helps at all please consider yourself hugged. You are a special person and I am so glad that we are friends. 🙂

Time does not heal. Faith does.

Remember that when you cry blood, sweetheart. Time is an illusion. Just like love.
You write beautifully, hon, just beautifully!!


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