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Posted on: 28 February 2006

Please enjoy with me the March photograph on my 2006 calendar. What a wonderful sight to welcome the first day of the month, the month of spring and the vernal equinox. Ok, that’s the pretty stuff out the way.

On a more basic level, I think it’s just a wonderful picture to admire that gorgeous man in his glory. Those arms, those shoulders, that chest and how I love a man with body hair, and let’s not forget the stubble, beard rash and all that. And, look at those eyes, those brown eyes, those beautiful brown eyes, what are they telling you…. mmmmm? Oh, how could I forget those delicious yummy lips waiting for my kiss…… sigh? And his hair… I want to run my fingers through it and twist it round my fingers as his head lay resting on my lap… aaaaah.


I am really upset and… useless. I have spent over an hour trying to download awesome photos that Rachel sent me last night from New Zealand, where she is having the time of her life…. she’s sky diving today. Erm…. couldn’t she have told me that after the event? Maybe some techno whiz computer literate fellow blogger can tell me what I’m doing wrong. I’m putting them into *my pics* from my email fine, but then I can’t download them on to blogger….. doh!


See you all later; am out with mother to a charity *Ladies who Lunch* thingy. The average age is about 80, so they need me to reduce it drastically….. also for some reason, my mother loves to show me off to her friends. She *kvells* when everyone says, “oh isn’t your daughter lovely” ~ I think it’s the bit when they say, “she’s just like you”…….. pleeeeeeeease!!! I think she has an ulterior motive. She then asks them all if they know any men for me….. help… can it get any worse?


12 Responses to "MARCH ~ NEW PICTURE"

Yay, Gavin! My favourite Scottish lad.

I’m sure that Vincent is sending you coded messages disguised as viagra notices…

I’m not much into skydiving – but my bf is an ex-paratrooper and flings himself out of planes regularly.

OH BABY WHAT A HOT AND DELICIOUS PIC! I am drooling here Ann, he is beautiful isn’t he?

I hope you get a response.. and about your pics..

Hit the picture thing icon on your blog and upload them from that section my pics.. it should work.. sometimes blogger is a bitch.. let me know and write me if you need any other help..
Thanks for making my day..

hugs your friend Janice

woof, what else is there to say about him? He’s divine. Maybe one of your mother’s friends has a contact to the lovely VDO; I’d check it out first before deciding to ditch the lunch. G-d works in mysterious ways.

Well that got my attention! He is magnificent!

Mmm… Love the pic! *gets a rag and cleans up drool* +5 points for making me slobber! lol

And, my mother used to show me off like yours. I remember being around a bunch of women who were old enough to be my mothers, and sometimes grandmothers, listening to them tell my mom how much I look like her, etc (which is kind of funny because she’s not my biological mother). lol Oh, well. Now, she has my boys to show off. Good thing they’re too young to drag off to events like that! lmao

Ann: Perhaps you just need to give him a little more time to responde to your letter. If he has a brain in his head then I am sre he will.

He is georgeous with or without clothes. I never get tired of looking at this man.

I wish I could help you with your picture downloading problem because I would love to see the new pictures but I am useless with electronics. 🙂

Ann: Love your pic for March,I have one from H.A,thanks to Diane.

Hope you had a good time with your mother.

You could be having problems with your pics if they aren’t Jpeg images.Blogger won’t upload anything else 😦

As to a response,give it time,you never know 🙂

Eliza xxxxxx

Love that picture…I love a scruffy looking Vincent. Hmm. No response yet, eh? Give it a little more time. I’m sure it’s in the system…somewhere… 🙂

chanced upon your site……

Great pic, i want a vincent calender. jen xx

The only thing I liked more than his looks in this movie, is his gentle nature and the way he just says what he feels when he’s sad!!

Beautiful picture, Ann!!!

Sexy pic.. Yowsa!!

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