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Posted on: 24 March 2006

I love the box; shame about the toy Yeah, we all know who wants to play with this
I have to show dad how to do everything

A little while ago Axe posted a wonderful piece, which got me on my soap box spouting off about the Jewish stance towards women and sex. Here are just a few points. Women are NOT considered to be second class citizens; men and women have separate roles; a man is not complete without a woman; it is a man’s duty to satisfy his wife; her sexual needs come before his; women have been endowed with more wisdom and understanding than men.

I could go on there is so much more. However, today I received a lovely email from a friend asking where they could find out more about Judaism and I pointed them to my link “My Religion” ( which covers everything in a fairly simplistic way, including the role of women.

I would like to share with you the essence of a famous biblical poem in praise of the good wife (Proverbs 31: 10-31). This is recited or sung to the women of the household on a Friday evening before the Sabbath meal. It is called Eshet Chayil, A Woman of Worth. It describes the ideal Jewish housewife, who is trusted by her husband and admired by her people. She is kind to the poor and gentle to all. She is self-respecting and dignified. Husband and children praise her as the source of their happiness. Above all, a man must treat his wife with love and sympathy and respect for she is a part of him.

“Nothing in ancient literature equals this remarkable attestation to the dignity and individuality of woman.” (Abrahams)

“A good wife, who can find. She is worth far more than rubies… She reaches out her arms to the needy… Dignity and honour are her garb; she smiles looking at the future… She looks after her household; she never eats the bread of idleness. Her children rise and bless her, and her husband praises her. Many women do worthily, but you excel them all! Grace is elusive and beauty is vain; only a G-d fearing woman deserves praise… Give her credit for the fruits of her labours and let her achievements praise her at the gates.”

I love this song and I love the feeling of warmth it brings. I am not sure how worthy I am; I know I sadly lack, which means there is room for change and room for growth. It is a good thing that the men recognise the value of their women. Anyone can sing it; the children can sing it to their mother or for any of the women at the dinner table; in fact we all join in.

Thank you for indulging and sharing a little of the spiritual part of me.

With love and best wishes to everyone for a restful weekend and Shabbat Shalom.


17 Responses to "A WOMAN OF WORTH"

I would like to be worshipped and adored like that but I know that I can’t even fake the necessary attributes for a week, much less sustain them for a lifetime. Sigh. Thank you, Ann, for putting up something to aspire to, though. love you to death.

Oh Thank You Ann!!!

I hope you have a brilliant weekend too, Babe!Be naughty!

Nice blog you have here, I followed you through the comment path. Cute pictures.

Grandbabies are great. I now have one and she is 6 months old. I am a spoiler too. Thanks for stopping by our blog.


Dear Ann:

Thanks once again for this beautiful reminder of the manner in which a woman ought to be treated by the man for whom she’s sworn to endure dirty underwear, stretch marks and etc.

It becomes more and more clear why my sister chose to convert to Judaism. Do you think I could get my Catholic husband to get on board with this sort of thing?

bogusboobs: you could give it a try. sadly my ex did not follow through with this sentiment, but I do believe I have brought up my sons to love honour and respect their women. They are learning by example.. NOT to be like their father. LOL

lotsa luv ann xxxx

Thanks Ann, again something to think about. It is one of the things people should think more of,
love honour and respect is the most important and all that is needed. Not only in the topic but in life as it is.

Can’t help it, must say Boaz, love the little guy, your right, he is showing dad everything to do right.

Lots of love dear Ann, hugs

A day with pictures of Boaz is a day worth smiling about. Good Shabbos Ann. πŸ™‚

Liz you are absolutely right and dny, shabbat shalom :o))

lotsa luv ann xxxxx

Love the pictures! +5 points!

And, that was a very insiteful post. Respect and honour are very important morals that seem to be becoming more-and-more scarce, especially when it comes to boys. +10 points for teaching it to your boys!

Thank you, Ann.

I also love the scripture (song), I wish that my children would rise and praise me!

If I’m being totally honest, I miss the mark more often than not. Are reading and watching LOCI considered “eating the bread of idleness”?

Thanks, Ann for the inspiration.

Love the pictures as always, I didn’t think it was possible for Boaz to get any more adorable but he is. have a great weekend. jen xxx

Leah: sacrilege!


I love the spiritual side of you ann πŸ™‚

Thank You,Ann.

Eliza xxxxxx

How cute!

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