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Posted on: 31 March 2006


The highest form of widsom is kindness (Talmud)


With all my love and best wishes to everyone

Shabbat Shalom


13 Responses to "WITH LOVE & BEST WISHES"

I count on seeing our Boaz every Friday before Shabbos begins. It is like the Sabbath itself…something I have come to count on. It is always a pleasure to look at that sweatheart. Good Shabbos Ann. 🙂

Shabbat Shalom Jill.
love ya baby mwah xxxxxxx

I just love seeing pictures of that adorable Boaz! He’s such a cutie! +5!

Oh there’s the little man!! Alway’s brings a big smile to my face. Have a great weekend Ann.

He’s beautiful. They should put him on a billboard or something. And I love his hair … don’t ever let them cut it!!

It wouldn’t be Friday without Boaz! I hope you realise what a fanclub that little bot has 🙂

Have a great weekend

Eliza xxxxxx

only one week to go ……..

Yay for Boaz!

My boyfriend looked at your pictures and melted at the sight. He says to tell you how cute Boaz is.

You’re going to be here in a week? Cool. Maybe we’ll run into one another.

Boaz is driving – how darling!

Thanks for the blessing, Ann -we all need it. I hope you have a wonderful visit with your family, and thank them for allowing us to share in the joy of their precious child.

It’s already Saturday night here at my place. Shahua Tov!

Oh I’m so late this week to see Boaz. It’s just not right when I don’t get to see him. Ahhhh. All is right with the world now!

Good morning Master Boaz. 🙂

Boaz !!! My favorite food!!

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