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Posted on: 6 April 2006

Next week we will be celebrating the festival of Passover or Pesach. No other festival more powerfully embodies the Jewish experience than this one. It is when we remember the time that the children of Israel became a people. We remember the slavery and the oppression of our ancestors in Egypt and all the miracles that led to their redemption. We recite the story of the journey of a people across the wilderness in search of their physical and spiritual home.

But Pesach is more than this. It is not old history ~ it is a continuing story ~ a story of the Jewish people that will never end. We are told in the book of Exodus ….. “That you may remember the day of your going out of Egypt all the days of your life.”

The preparations for Pesach seem to me every year to be a form of *slavery* and, oh how I moan about it, but the difference, the big difference, is that I can savour the freedom to observe this festival. This particular festival is one I observe *to the letter* ~ to me it represents more than just the household cleaning, but there is a sense of spiritual cleaning too. If you are interested in the laws and customs of this festival you can find out more on my *My Religion* link.

The question is asked, “Why is this night different from all other nights?” It is answered by narrating the story from a book called the *Haggadah* from the Hebrew word ‘lehagid’ which means ‘to tell’ and refers to the biblical commandment “And you shall tell your children on that day.” (Exodus). At the end of the story we say the words “Next Year in Jerusalem.” Every year it is my custom to add a new Haggadah to my collection, one with different commentaries and perspective to provoke discussion and thought.

BUT for me this year is a first. “Why is this year different from all other years?” Because this year will be the first time I will be in Jerusalem for Pesach. This year will be the first Pesach I will not be celebrating in my own home. This year will be the first Pesach without my father. This year will be the first Pesach with my grandson, all my children and my mother, four generations together. This year, please G-d, may it be a special Pesach.

I depart Saturday night and will be back just over two weeks later. Enjoy the peace and quiet. I’m sure you will; a rest from my nonsense. No more silly mrsbg stories, no more boring Friday posts, like this one. Gosh, what’s that I hear? I do believe it’s a very large sigh of… erm… relief…. hmmm. Okay, got the message.

In the meantime, a wonderful weekend to everyone and Shabbat Shalom; and for next week, Happy Easter and Chag Semeach.


18 Responses to "HAPPY HOLIDAYS"

He is so precious! I understand, as an Episopalian next week is very holy for us as well. God Bless! :0)

THAT’S THE CUTEST BABY I’VE EVER SEEN. Have a good Passover. Or whatever it is they say, I’m sorry, I’m kind of an ignorant Christian. Okay, Shabbat Shalom? That’ll do. Hi again, by the way, I’m back for awhile.

My favorite food!

Ann, honey, this sounds like a pivotal time in your life, for the better. Enjoy it and I hope it brings you closure and life-changing happiness, all round!!!

I’m gonna sorely miss you…especially the Vincent love letters! They always cheer me up.

Axe: I wish that were true, but sadly that couldn’t be further from the truth. Still from your lips to G-d’s ears.

lotsa luv ann xxxxx

p.s. I’m not sure the letters were a good idea… they were an outlet for me to express in as funny a way as possible things that bother me.

::waves to Boaz::

Shabbat shalom, and have a great Pesach (I’m on vacation! wooo!)

Hmmm… I was supposed to provide you with reading material for the flight… Darn…

Finn: that’s okay sweetheart, I was gonna print your recent stories, but couldn’t wait and read them. Actually I’ve got loadsa books and it’s a night flight … yuck … but much cheaper than Sunday’s El Al day time… wow they know how to charge now the holidays are here.

thanks anyway …. next time when I go in July maybe

lotsa luv ann xxxxxx

I will miss you, Ann…I love your stories. And you have made my Friday complete with little Boaz. I should say, BIG Boaz. Thank you for the religion lesson, I greatly appreciate it. And thank you for helping me keep some sort of normalcy with Boaz. Take care, my friend. I should have a brand new branch on my family tree by the time you get back!

Have a wonderful trip, and a great visit with little Boaz. My kids and I are learning together about their cousins’ special holiday … thanks as always for the great info you provide!!


Thank you for the Boaz pics πŸ™‚

Thank you for the lessons about your faith too. I have found out a lot since coming here,which has to be good.

I will miss you,you know??

Eliza xxxxxx

Cute pictures!! I will miss you. Stay safe!

As always, gorgeous pics of Boaz! +10!

Have a great Pesach!!

Good Shabbos Ann. Enjoy your visit with the family over the holidays. Plenty of pictures please. πŸ™‚

That is one very very sweet baby!

Is it just me or is Boaz getting blonder? πŸ™‚

It’s always amazing to me how Passover and Easter coincide πŸ™‚

Hi Ann,
What a beautiful baby….just gorgeous…so handsome!!! And you certainly enjoying writing….I thought your pieces were really well put together and interesting…See that Coillege did teach us something!!!! Love Ros XXXXXXX

Chag Sameach and have fun in Israel!!

Hi Ann, I was wondering where you went…guess I missed this while sharing my hubbys vacation.

I hope you have a safe and happy trip…I will miss those silly Bobby stories πŸ™‚

Hi Ann. My Easter holidays were quite mixed. I had some personal troubles, as well as it-related ones. I am not a Jew, as you know, but the story of the Exodus has always touched me very much. I’ve seen the 10 Commandments (the old movie, of course) several times, and it touched me. And another thing: In today’s culture, the custom of passing history on onto the children is being forgotten. A sad thing. You, Ann, should go on telling your children and grand-children about history, about your family’s, about Jewish history and so on. It is a noble and honorable thing to do.

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