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Posted on: 18 May 2006

A massive thank you to whoever created this brilliant wallpaper… if you pass by here, please introduce yourself.

Willingly I part my lips to welcome this dark stranger
As I savour its taste, one by one each sense explodes
My tongue tentatively explores this new sensation
Working its way around its hardness
Solid within the depths of my mouth
With every stroke of my tongue
It melts a little and thaws like virgin snow
The satin liquid sliding seductively down my waiting throat
Eagerly my tongue reaches out for more
To nibble, bite and suck this sensual texture of fine silk
My burning desire dissolves its dense firmness
With every greedy lick it softens ’til it becomes no more
My craving sated, an orgasmic orgy of delight
With mixed emotions of satisfaction and sinful guilt
My dirty secret
But I can never resist its charms
It never lets me down
It never fails me
And I can barely wait with avid anticipation for the next time
When all alone I will hide away and slowly stroke another
A new one
In its entirety
Its whole length
Before I carefully expose it
And slide my hand around it
And dreamily close my eyes
And pop it longingly into my waiting mouth

My dear boss, a big man, outwards not upwards, in Goren style, dropped from a great height, a bar of chocolate on my desk. When he said “I owe you one” it wasn’t for something I’d done, it was because he’d eaten all mine. This prose is inspired by the demonstration I gave the guys in the office (no girls) of how Green & Black’s bitter chocolate should be eaten and savoured and not shoved down their enormous greedy throats without even touching the insides of their big fat mouths.

copyright 2006 ann raven



Hi Ann, I have seen this wallpaper before but darned if I know where! Vincent’s tongue is always worth another look. MMmmmmm.

Nice work.

The wallpaper is from THE REEL. I have always loved it. His tongue can conjure wonderful thoughts. 🙂

If you do everything the way you eat chocolate,Vincent would be a fool to pass up the opportunity 🙂

Eliza xxxxxx

thanks eliza, you really got where I was coming from….LOL

Ann, you rock in so many ways.

And my tongue is certainly hanging out as a result… 😛

LOL…you shouldn’t feed my gutter brain like that….interesting approach to eating chocolate.

And now to thoughts of Vincent’s tongue 🙂

I can only dream of a kiss like that! Now, I’m gonna go to sleep dreaming about his tongue. Mmmm…

Excuse me for interrupting. I love Vincent’s tongue but it is Friday morning and I have come here to visit with my Boaz. Where is he?

patience dear friend… I’ll be back ;o))

Love the poem and the wallpaper, Ann. Vincent’s tongue always makes my day a little brighter.

Does he think about his drooling fans when he shows us so much tongue? If he does – thanks, Vincent. If he doesn’t – there goes his instinctive sexiness again.

Lovely words!

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