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Well we did, we had a nice day. Ok, we had a wildly brilliant day. The weather was gloriously hot and after a two hour drive and lotsa motorway hold ups, we got to the Bowl at Milton Keynes. The venue should have been the brand new Wembley Stadium. Bon Jovi was the last act there before it was demolished and should have been the first act ever at the new Stadium. When he shouted “Is there a cowboy in the house” I thought to myself, hell no, they’re all at Wembley. Guess only the Brits will get it.

Jon Bov Jovi is still a very handsome, very beautiful, very fit guy with a tight little tush that he loves to show off at every opportunity. His music is brilliant and the whole band rocked. However, Richie Sambora, seems to have filled out quite substantially and he needs a visit by the Fashion Police.

Rachel and I danced and sang and jumped up and down throughout the whole two and a half hours. His opening number was a cover… that surprised us… Rockin’ in the Free World, a Neil Young number. Also he only sang three tracks from his Have a Nice Day album. He cried through Bells of Freedom, a very moving song. Of course he did some of my ab fab favs; These Days, In These Arms, Bad Medicine, Living on a Prayer, Keep the Faith, Bounce, Raise Your Hands, Always… actually I don’t think there’s many tracks I don’t love.

The best part was when he yelled at the top of his voice, “… and to my special fan Hannala, say hello from me to your friends in blogland.” …. at least I’m pretty sure he said something like that… hmm!!!


P.S. London-Love has just posted a silly ditty about Bobby and for those who haven’t been there lately, mrsbg, well dear mrsbg, well let’s just say ‘trouble’ is her middle name and she has sure landed herself in it.

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