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Posted on: 21 July 2006




MORIAH SARA… The baby’s name is pronounced More-ree-ah with the emphasis on the ‘ah’ and it has a beautiful meaning. G-d is my Teacher.

Moriah was a mountainous region and it is believed to be the place where Solomon built the Temple; the Temple Mount. Abraham was directed there by G-d to sacrifice Isaac, but G-d intervened, a ram was provided for the sacrifice and Isaac was saved. Moriah is thus associated with divine providence. Genesis 22:2

Our Moriah has been named in memory of my late mother-in-law Marie and Bridgitte’s great-grandmother Sadie.

I THANK G-D because this week little Moriah was sick and in the hospital. Our grateful thanks go to the wonderful doctors and nurses who cared for her; she is now home and I THANK G-D again she is well.

PLEASE G-D may we all know peace in our households, may the Middle East know peace and may the whole world know peace.

PLEASE G-D may you help the dear friends I have made here who are going through their own personal crises.

You are all always in my thoughts and in my heart and in my prayers and I love you all.

With all best wishes for a peaceful weekend and Shabbat Shalom.


18 Responses to "THANK G-D and PLEASE G-D"

Thanks for the wonderful pictures, Ann. Also, a heartfelt thanks to you for simply being you. Moriah is a wonderful name.

I liked the pic with Boaz and his girlfriend.

She and Boaz are little bits of heaven … thank goodness that the family is doing so well. I hope that they’re safe and that little Moriah grows up strong and beautiful!

Lovely sentiments and georgeous pictures of the babies. I am so grateful that Moriah is doing so well and back home from the hospital. 🙂

Thanks for the pictures, Ann.

::waves to Boaz::

what a relief that Moriah is home, safe and sound and so beautiful, too! and to see Jill posting again, too! those strong girls!

Hi Ann! Aren’t they just adorable or what??? What a pretty name though, Moriah. Since I’m new here and have only read a few of the posts in the past month, does your family live in Israel? I’m praying for peace and for this awful conflict to end like crazy. I hope wherever they are, they are safe!!

What adorable pictures! Shabbat blessings to you all.

as always Boaz is adorable.Makes me smile every time 🙂

Moriah is a wonderful name,and I have to thank you for giving the meaning too.She looks beautiful and I’m glad to hear that she is well.

Eliza xxxxx

Moriah Sara, what a beautiful name. Glad to hear she is well and home with her big brother. (Hi there Boaz!)

what beautiful children…i hope all of you are safe and sound. this crazy world we live in…why cant we all just get along?…peace, jacky

What a great name and I love the meaning behind it! Such a merciful God 🙂

I pray your family will stay untouched by all the conflict 🙂

Beautiful children with beautiful names. May they be harbingers of a peaceful future for the Middle East.

Hugs and prayers to you, Ann, as well as your family!

Beautiful pictures!:)

Beautiful Ann!!! And prayers for you and your family!

Hi Ann, sorry I was away for Shabbat. I love the children so much. Shavuah Tov

What a blessed child… And such a lovely name.

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family Ann, and I echo the sentiments of your post.

And Boaz is the cutest thing ever… just wanna squeeze him!!

What a beautiful name, to go with such a beautiful baby! You are truly blessed with such a wonderful family. You and your family are in my prayers- I thought of them with all of the turmoil taking place in the Middle East right now. *hugs*

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