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Posted on: 28 July 2006



Unconditional Love

the unconditional love of children, innocent and pure
their arms reach out, they have to be sure
we shall protect them and cherish them and adore
them today, tomorrow, forever more
whatever they do, whatever they say
they bring us great pleasure; they cause us great pain
but they will never forget the special way
we held them, we kissed them, we loved them each day
for we are their parent, their teacher, their guide
we share their laughter and the times they cry
they captured our hearts from their first breath of life
our love unconditional till the day we die

copyright 2006 ann raven


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::dies of teh cute::

Hi Moriah
Hi Boaz
Hi Jon
Hi Bridgitte – behind the camera

Shabbat Shalom Ann

What beautiful words and incredible pictures to start me on my day. Good Shabbos dear friend to you and Master Boaz, Princess Moriah and their loving parents. 🙂

How wonderful! Blessings all around and Shabbat Shalom!

Jill, you know the baby’s name is Moriah Sarah… did you know the name Sarah means Princess?

Cute baby. Boaz looks like a good big brother.

Very cute. Both kids have the most amazing eyes!
Shabbat Shalom!

Beautiful!! Have a good weekend Ann.

Ann, you have to forgive me. I can’t go all gooey over babies and children, they do nothing for me. Earlier in the year my neighbour brought me a photo of her new grandson. She knows how I feel, so she wasn’t surprised when I said, “What do you want me to say? It’s a baby!”

I’m glad you’re all well and happy. You really deserve some happiness.

val… you crack me up so I’m surprised to see you here!!!!! LOL

Your grandchildren are adorable! All the best to you Ann!

I have a warm, happy, squishy feeling inside, Ann. I just love the pictures!

So, so sweet, Ann!

Bless their little hearts…

They are so beautiful! And I am so glad that Moriah Sarah is home and able to be with her family.

How did I miss this?
Cute, very cute!

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