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Posted on: 7 August 2006

After all the hype, and having nothing better to do after an unscheduled and expensive Sunday shopping spree and a ladies who lunch typa thingy with mother, I then dragged her off to see said film… she treated me… isn’t that what mothers do as this mother knows only too well with her own offspring? That is why when my kids say, ‘fancy going out for dinner?’ this mother says ‘no’ because what they actually mean is ‘fancy taking us out for dinner?’

Okay… the film. I have read some of your comments on your blogs and I have read at least a zillion reviews online.

I was quite excited about going to see it even though I knew my ab fab fav actor was featured for barely five minutes. I am rather fond of Vaughn and Aniston as I have watched them mature over the years and enjoyed some of their previous work.

The film is bittersweet; more bitter than sweet, with two characters I did not care for. Brook was manipulative and whiney and Gary a manchild. Their siblings however stole the movie and far outshone the stars.

The dinner party scene with their families, I believe was the highlight of the whole film and that was early on. The family were far more entertaining than Gary and Brooke, although there was barely a peep out of Gary’s mother (at least I assume the little dark haired lady was his mother) nor a word from Dennis’ wife. Their brothers were all totally different and extreme in their personalities and behaviour, which made Gary and Brooke seem boring and devoid of colour.

Brook’s in the closet brother Richard was hilariously played by John Michael Higgins and his role was pure comedy. Gary and his brothers worked together in the family tour guide business. His brother Lupus (Cole Hauser) was an outrageous lecherous hedonist. His older brother Dennis (our Vincent) was controlling and awkward with two aims… a successful business on land, water and air and to be with his family.

As the film progessed, I empathised with Brook’s feelings of being taken for granted, it all seemed so familiar, but I lost patience with Gary and his puerile antics. His best friend Johny O, played by Jon Favreau, pulled no punches in telling Gary his faults and by the time the penny dropped it was too late.

Back to Vincent for a moment. In Thumbsucker I could easily picture him in Vaughn’s role as the teacher, although his portrayal of Mike Cobb was excellent. In The Break-Up he should have played Johny O a role I believe Vincent would have made his own that would have added much needed depth and humour to the film.

At the end of the day nothing changes… Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus and that about sums it up. If you haven’t seen the film in the cinema and are waiting to buy the dvd for our Vincent, I suggest you don’t waste your money. I am disturbed that Vincent was involved in this bland project and I do hope we get to see him in more weighty roles in the future.

Now if you really want a forum to talk about Vincent’s movies, be it at a basic lowbrow level like mine, or at a highbrow level…. I would like to you to visit Firefligh’s blog. She would like to talk to likeminded people about his films. You can find her on and I highly recommend it.


12 Responses to "THE BREAK-UP"

Glad you got to see it, Ann. Th family meal scene was one of the best bits of the movie, I agree. Vincent’s awkwardness thoughout was beautifully drawn.

I suspect he only got involved because it was his friend’s project.

Me thinks I’ll wait till it comes out on pay per view or video. I had hoped so much for a meatier role for our dear Vincent in this movie, esp. when it doesn’t look like he has anything new coming out in the near future.

Have to admit I’m waiting for it to appear on pay per view…..

Hope folks will check out firefligh’s site, It’s wonderful.

I do believe he is working on a western in both production and acting capacities…. but the place where I first read this isn’t saying it any more…. hmmm!!!

Glad you got there, dear. I was really happy to see him work as hard as he did to impart humor and humanity to a character who – in the hands of a lesser actor – would have disappeared into the background.

*Embarassed* I still haven’t seen it!

I decided early on our Vincent did this as a favour to his pal Mr Vaughn. Couldn’t imagine any other reason he’d want to do it (tho’ I did love the man-hug at the end. Ah, bless!)

I’ll have to confess that I am so fond of Bobby Goren that I haven’t been brave enough to watch VDO in anything else . . . heresy I know!

I second Kate’s opinion. I saw Claire Dolan and Guy, but not yet the other VDO dvds I bought. But you’re a lovely reviewer, Ann, thank you for the thoughtful assessment.

Thank you, Ann, for visiting my blog. You made my day! I have been waiting, rather impatiently, for a Vincent fan to stop by.

By the way, from what I’ve read here, you are a wonderful writer. I would love to read your stories as Mrs. Goren… where can I find them?

Hope your day is magical,

Just wanted you to know that you have inspired me to get back to work on Meeting Vincent. I had lost interest for a couple of weeks, but got busy working on the next chapter this afternoon. I have a nice bit of the novel done (about 9400 words) but have been stalling on the end. (The Book Signing/Pizza with Vincent part is leading up to the end.)

Take care and keep writing 🙂

Ann, that was a terrific review…that scene where he stuffed a hanky in his ear….the Boston Globe called it “a marvel”…the reviewer said he had no idea why he did it, but it was a “marvel”.

I too am ashamed to say I did not see it (yet!)

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