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Posted on: 22 August 2006

Just spent a while reading over and over the following poem. I hope you enjoy it as much I do… I truly find Robert E Howard’s words mind blowing.

FORBIDDEN MAGIC 1 (Weird Tales 1929)

There came to me a Man one summer night,

When all the world lay silent in the stars,

And moonlight crossed my room with ghostly bars.

He whispered hints of weird, unhallowed sight;

I followed – then in waves of spectral light

Mounted the shimmery ladders of my soul

Where moon-pale spiders, huge as dragons, stole –

Great forms like moths, with wings of wispy white.

Around the world the sighing of the loon

Shook misty lakes beneath the false-dawn’s gleams;

Rose tinted shone the sky-line’s minaret;

I rose in fear, and then with blood and sweat

Beat out the iron fabrics of my dreams,

And shaped of them a web to snare the moon.

(Robert E Howard 1906 ~ 1936)

Robert E Howard by a fort

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