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Quote: Robert E Howard

Posted on: 30 August 2006

I can say with confidence that no man, however mature, ever loved reading for its own sake more than I. I did not read because of any particular urge for learning, or to merely pass the time, or to escape the realities of life. I read simply because I loved reading for its own sake alone. The printed page was like wine to me.


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Sounds like me! I sometimes think I was born with a book in my hand. I’m always reading (usually history for some reason). Keep the Bob stuff coming Ann, thank you – and fabulous picture of Vincent’s mighty arm there ;0)

thanks Diane… I just wish I could get hold of more REH stuff, although I found a whole book online, but it’s his poetry I adore.

I have to second Diane’s thoughts. I love these quotes you’re sharing with us 🙂

Amazing. I’m going to print it out and post it for my little readers!

Beautiful Ann! 🙂

Such a poignant quote, when you think that he died at his own hand. From the film, I haven’t read much of his work ,he seemed to have such simple pleasures and do no harm to anyone.
Thanks for
sharing the quotes

I have to share this quote with my Brother…..He never goes anywhere without a book.

Thanks Ann.

I have such difficulty separating Robert from Vincent because of knowing nothing about REH, this helps me out.


Beautiful Ann 🙂

You are right, his poetry is great! Thanks for posting these, they are really hard to find.

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