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Posted on: 15 September 2006

erm… how did this google giggling goren pic get in here, the one with the curly hair and those man hands…. ?

hmmm… and just what does he find so funny?

Oh, everyone, I had a most wonderful week with the children and did not want to come home one itsy bitsy little bit. I cried when Boaz went to bed Tuesday night, knowing I wouldn’t be seeing him for months. He is an absolute riot, lots of fun with a great sense of humour, although he can have his whiney moments too. Moriah’s photographs do not do her justice… she is really so beautiful and a pleasure; very easy going, very placid and I got lots and lots of smiles and chuckles. Of course, I am already planning my next trip which will probably not be until January when my little man will be two years old. I’d like to think I may even manage a “me me me” holiday somewhere else before then… ????

I saw this ‘thought of the day’ on the back of a birthday card…. “Experience is something you don’t get until just after you need it” ….. hmmm!!!!

On that note I wish you all a happy and peaceful weekend and Shabbat Shalom


21 Responses to "BOOBA’S BACK"

Ann, hope we get to catch up over the weekend and you can tell me all. Trust you to put your muse in there… he’s probably laughing at you.

Shabbat Shalom

OMG – they are SO beautiful! They get cuter by the day – thanks for sharing. And Bobby is smiling because he is amused by these adorable children – who could look and not smile?
Love, Kate

Yeah Honey… Kate’s right… my grandchildren have brought a bright beaming smile to his face… aaaaaah

Welcome Home, Ann! Bless your heart, having to say goodbye to your sweet babies… *pout*
Who couldn’t smile and have a giggle with those darlings? Bobby is just doing what comes naturally!

Awww. How can there be so mute cute in just one post? Glad you had a great time in Israel, Ann.

Good Shabbos Ann. The babies are so precious. I am so glad that you had a nice visit. Chat with you over the weekend. Jill

Welcome back … what beautiful babies! GOTTA BE SOME GRANDMA IN THERE!

Welcome home Ann!

They are both such beautiful children,I can only imagine how it feels to leave them.

Eliza xxxxx

Welcome home Ann! I’m glad you had a great, if short, trip and spent lots of quality time with the kiddies. They are so, so cute. So’s Bobby. lol I’ll bet January can’t come soon enough so that you can see them again!

Have a great weekend and Shabbat Shalom.


They are gorgeous, Ann. Simply beautiful!

Thank you Ann for your warm words of encouragement. I try to stay balanced, sometimes its hard. Your grandkids are adorable. Someday I will be a doting grandma,too. Until then I pray- not now, God! I know why BG is so mesmerizing, someday I’ll write about it. You portray him perfectly, which is why I love your blog.

Aww how sweet!

Boy i miss alot!!! When did they have her? She is so adorable!!! And as is Boaz as usual! Now i can’t wait to have my little man.

Welcome home, Ann!!!
Oh My Goodness these pics are gorgeous! Everything you said about Boaz and Moriah you sure see in those beautiful faces and so much more. They are gorgeous!!

Lacking any maternal instinct as I do, I can only say -wow, Bobby, love those hands and that cute smile.

I’m so glad you don’t take offence at my lack of appreciation for you grandchildren, Ann. You know it’s not personal, it’s just, they’re children, you know, and as such do zilch for me. But wouldn’t you know it, they ALWAYS make a beeline for me!

Val… each to their own… LOL

Welcome home Ann…..Sweet Sweet Babies! Moriah and Boaz are just beautiful.

As sweet as their grandmommy! Welcome back, hon!

thank you all so much… you are all so lovely… thank you


I am sorry if I let you think I stole your name as mrsbg. You were right from the other posts. I am new. And I love Vincent, too. Because of that no-girlfriend comment urged me to use this name. If I have hurt you, please accept my apologies.

I guess I’ll stop visiting the REEL site since they no longer want to publish my comments in this name.

Your writing skills are very higly deserved. It will put Harry Potter stories to shame.

Again, I am sorry and have a good day!

Marge: they will not publish comments from mrsbg either… LOL… I can see their point as it does rather deviate from the subject of their posts… but … the occasional injection of humour doesn’t hurt.

Sadly not everyone shares mine.

You don’t need to apologise. I know you didn’t actually use the name mrsbg, but what concerned me personally was that others were confusing us and your comments were being attributed to me, or rather mrsbg…

As for my friend, she saw someone was being rude to the “wives” and jumped to my defence. Also she says I’m a talented writer… hahaha… she’s my friend…

I wouldn’t get too upset about it munchkins… blogging should be fun and light-hearted

lotsa luv ann xxxxx

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