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Posted on: 20 September 2006

ENJOY ENJOY ENJOY and think of us poor saps on the other side of the Pond with just a couple of S4 left on a Saturday night and no indication of when S5 will be aired on this island. Doesn’t my uber-hero Bobby Bobby look magnificent…. mmmmmm!!!! I really hope I’m not dead by the time our television networks get their act together.

I have been playing around a little and you may, or may not, have noticed I changed the name of this blog… not especially original, but perhaps more fitting and it does match “at home with the gorens”

I was trying to think up an “at home with….. ” for London-Love and must have changed my mind about a dozen times before going back to … London-Love. Has anyone any ideas, bearing in mind that the blog is dedicated to solely pictures of vincent and his characters…. with captions?

Talking of London-Love… I have posted a story there based on Pelham 123. I’ve been watching that movie quite a lot lately. An idea popped into my head to write something from the perspective of a hostage, so if you’re interested please visit there. I’m not too sure about it and have changed it several times… your thoughts would be appreciated.

Guess it’s countdown my dear Yankee friends… have a wonderful time with my Bobby Bobby….. this may be posted on the 20th here, but it is still the 19th where you are… so nite nite…..


16 Responses to "LUCKY YOU"

‘At home with Ann’……Sounds perfect to me!!

thanks Tess… but I was trying to find something “at home with…” for London-Love as well…. but with no luck… silly me.

I like it!

Are you psychic, sweets? I wrote sonething based on Mr Blue just yesterday!!!

What a sexy thought. That big gun and all….

Hi Axe…. Pelham has been airing here a lot lately, so I’ve been watching it for some reason… hmmm I wonder why…although I think the film itself is a load of rubbish.

But Mr Blue …….

Bet your story is a lot darker than mine… and more descriptive maybe…. ;>)

Is that a request, sweets?

yeah, why not Axe… go for it :>)

Ann, what about “In Bed With Vincent”? Well, most beds are at home, aren’t they?

Hmmmm…. “In Bed With Vincent” … I love it… but not sure. Seems a bit presumptuous and forward of me and I’m the last person he would wish to bed.

I did call it Vincent’s Vignette for about five minutes, but wasn’t sure anyone would know what I was talking about…. LOL

I was trying the “at home with…” thingy, but nothing seemed to work…

thanks for the idea… hmmmmm

How about “At Home With a London Lover?” Last night’s episode is worth the wait. You’ll have to take a field trip across the pond and stay with one of us girls. We can have a reunion and show you the tapes/dvds – we all record them! A grown-up girls pajama party. Maybe Grace can bring her “toys not for tots!” LOL

oh Kate… I’ll be there, I’ll be there, just call my name and I’ll be there…. also thanks for the idea… another good one :>)

My hubby wanted to go to bed early last nite and I said no can do, cuz my favorite show’s premier was on. It was great! The new boss is an assbite though. He doesn’t like Bobby, so obviously I don’t like HIM. Can’t wait to visit London-Love…

just testing a new pic…

I couldn’t post my thoughts in front of the babies… it just didn’t seem right

Ann, Love the new name.
I will not be defeated over when we get the rest of the C.I episodes due to us. I therefore fully intend to keep breathing for as long as possible 🙂

testing yet again

and again

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