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Posted on: 22 September 2006

Shanah Tovah is the customary greeting wishing someone a good year. It is a shortened form of Shanah Tovah Tichtavu V’Tichtamu which means “may you be inscribed and sealed for a good year.”

This weekend, starting Friday evening, the Jewish people will be celebrating the Jewish New Year… it will be the year 5767. If you would like to know more, there is a link on the right called My Religion … be my guest. For my fellow Jewish bloggers, I wish you and your loved ones a happy, healthy, sweet and peaceful year.

Since most of the Ravens have flown the nest, I have kinda lost my culinary skills… well let’s say they have lain dormant for a while. I told Rachel, who has not flown the nest yet, that maybe I would buy in cakes and deserts this year. Well, I bet you heard the shriek from where you are.

“You can’t!!!”

So I have come home early from work and the kitchen smells wonderful… reminiscent of days when we were one big happy family.

Tradition, you know, it’s a Jewish thing… so my fluffy apple cake is cooling by the window, the fruit cake is just out the oven and my honey cakes have just gone in… three of them. Jamie will take one to work for his colleagues and I like to break the fast with it… more of that next week.

Shows how long since I baked… I went to remove the beaters and pressed the turbo button instead of the release button and I hadn’t unplugged it! What a mess… up the walls, in my hair, down my boobs… I’m wearing a little T-shirt… it’s hot in here!

The kichel dough is in the fridge…. I’ll bake those tomorrow. The chicken soup is simmering and I’m… exhausted, but I’ve kinda got a sense of satisfaction. Now I need to polish the silver candlesticks and that’s my lot for today. Tomorrow I have got tons to do… the knaidlech, the tzimmes, the red cabbage, etc. etc. etc.

I tend not to cook so much now as I never know when anyone will be home and also I enjoy my own food too much and it shows. Nothing used to give me greater pleasure than all of us sitting round the table together sharing dinner every day. I guess I am a typical Jewish mama.

I am chatting on-line, as I write this post, to my niece in New York who won’t be here… I miss her so much. She is beautiful, a photographer and great fun… just one year older than Rachel. And, of course I miss the Israel lot and my father.

My brother and his family will be with us on Saturday, but I’m upset my mother chose to stay with a friend. She will stay with me next week for Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement. She particularly wants to be with me then as it is the first anniversary of the death of my father. I may talk about it a little more next week.

I have a little quiz for you all… except Finn who has met me, so no cheating. Jamie took a half fairly decent photo of me and Moriah… most pics of me get deleted or torn up and destroyed; I have a very strict quality control policy and I am no looker, that’s for sure. Before I post it… or maybe I’ll just email it… oh and he hasn’t sent it to my computer yet… I would love to know how you perceive me… you can say what you like… also guess my age if you want. Only *Bobby* knows that and I pray he’s forgotten… so no cheating there either…. anyway I lie.

I shall be spending the New Year with family and friends and my heartfelt prayers for the coming year is that everyone, the whole world, will be blessed and live in peace and harmony with their neighbours.

Shabbat Shalom, Shanah Tovah U’Matuka and a wonderful weekend.


P.S. It is now 5.30 p.m. on Friday…. the festival starts here in just over one hour and I have just finished cooking…. phew. Of course I had to, just had to, taste everything… yummy, yummy. My house is shining… bar the kitchen, which I am now going to attack ruthlessly, then I shall set the table, then light the candles and sit down and relax…


P.P.S Vincent, if you’re got nothing better to do, you’re invited too. It won’t be like your mama’s Italian cooking… this is Haimashe. My honey cake is to die for and everyone says my deserts are like heaven on a plate. Since you obviously didn’t like my letters and since I know you couldn’t fancy me baked… I guess there is only one way left. They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach…


16 Responses to "SHANAH TOVAH"

Shanah Tovah to you and all my Jewish friends out there!! May you have a healthy and blessed New Year.

Your cooking/baking sounds delicious!! My mouth was watering reading about your delicacies, although I busted out laughing at your “batter mishap” with the mixer. hahaha

I understand how you feel, losing your dad. I lost mine in 2003 and it has been really difficult for me, as an only child and “daddy’s little girl”. My mom still grieves daily; they were married 56 years. In fact he died the day after their 56th anniversary.

I think you are medium height & build, voluptuously beautiful (like me ;D – Bobby likes his gals voluptuous, doesn’t he?!), in your early 50’s & salt & pepper hair. Am I right?

my parents were also married that long… he died three weeks before their 57th anniversary.

I love your perception of me… you will just have to wait honey… LOL

lotsa luv ann xxxxx

Ann. Thank you for this lovely post! I almost feel like an ‘outsider’ part of the family…the food sounds wonderful! This post has really touched me…and I appreciate that, and I appreciate you, Ann.
Lotsa love!

Shana tova Ann! There has been much honey and many apples eaten here 🙂

I hope you and your family have a great holiday and weekend.

Dark hair, fine features, mid-40s, ample bosom, short.

Oh forget all this, what we all want really is a picture of you after the accident with the mixer!

p.s. I’m downloading LOCI from the link you sent, it’s not as slow as Eliza said, 70% done in about 75 mins. Hope I can then work out how to watch it!

Ann – bake me something, too!! 😀
It all sounds so wonderful, love. I wish you and yours a very happy New Year.
What do I think you look like… hmm… short, curvy, dark hair with a few flecks of grey (but sexy grey – like your Bobby!). I want to see your picture now!!

Mid fifties, short and curvy (something a real man can hang on to!) -much better looking than you give yourself credit for. Post the DAMN picture!
And don’t be surprised if I show up on your doorstep -yummy traditional foods too good to miss!
Shanah Tovah (although my jewish friends here spell it Shana Tova)and “Amen” to your prayer for the year.
P.S. We all love you – how you look is not what makes us love you!

Hmmmm, let’s see…..Short, curvy, I think you have reddish brown hair, bright eye’s…..A woman with great style, when you walk in the room people take notice.

Hope you have a lovely weekend Ann.

Ann,sounds like you cooked up a storm,so I hope you have a wonderful weekend and a very Happy New Year!!

what you look like?? I’m ignoring the age,seeing as I think you’re as young as you feel.Hair:reddish,I think.Blue eyes?? Petite,with boobs 🙂

Eliza xxxxxx

Good yom tov Ann!

Love the pictures and hope you enjoy your New Year celebration.
I want to see the picture of you! As for your age, you are only as young as you feel!

Apologies for being tardy- daughter returning to University, house upside down etc etc.

Shanah Tovah.

Regarding your Dad -I’m like jojo same circumstances. Family celebrations are never the same no matter how hard you try

I know your small – I go with dark hair and eyes, medium build with curves !

Thanks for the tutorial, Ann … I can always count on you!

And Happy New Year!!

What cuties! :0)

shanah tovah u’mtukah


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