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Posted on: 15 October 2006


Winter’s arrived, that cold blast of air
Chilling my bones, my skin lays bare
My blood runs as ice through my veins
My body resists against the pain
My teeth, they chatter, I shake like a leaf
Mourning the loss of summer, so filled with grief
I stare at the night, by the fire’s glow
Mesmerized by the falling snow
The stars they tease me as they shine
Reflections on the windows’ rime
I badly need the sun in the sky
Tempus fugit, how time flies
The heat on my body, the warmth on my face
Another time, another place
But… I am in the here and now
And I simply don’t know how
To survive this darkness, this black hole
That threatens my very soul
And, what does he call me?
His Ice Queen
That’s cruel… that’s nasty… that’s mean
The coldness pervades me; I know that’s true
My whole being is frozen through
Inside the temperature rises higher and higher
I’m still chilled to the marrow by the fire
My man is my knight, so gentle yet strong
So perfect, so loving, that I long
To savour his warmth in bed as I sleep
But suddenly the air is filled with his scream
He’s having a nightmare, a very bad dream
He’s whining like a baby and he’s yanking the sheets

Get off me woman, you’ve got cold feet

copyright 2006 ann raven


3 Responses to "Brrrr….."

A true Knight of the Realm, warms his Lady’s feet by suckling her toes. Then he moves on warms the rest of her body. 😉

Well, I think Brian definitely has the right idea there!

Wonderful words, Ann – perfect for the season and a delightful ending!

Unexpected and fun

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