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IF ….

Posted on: 17 October 2006







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I love it but if you could have VDO, Grey Gooose and chocolate at the same time…………now that would be heaven on earth. 🙂

Jill I wouldn’t want my senses dulled… but after the first round and before the second…. mmmmm

Is it a bad sign that I’m torn between VDO and the chocolate?


not a bad sign Finn, but chocolate is something I can lay my hands on any time, Vincent… isn’t!

I would combine the two. Think “licking”…

And Ann, honey, only BAD girls get what they want, but good girls get to watch!!!

I’m not fussed for the Grey Goose… but VDO and chocolate… mmm, paradise…

There’s some choc consumption in my latest book, but no actual scenes with Valentino *and* chocolate together…

I’d give up chocolate for Vincent any day. Can’t gie up booze – I hardly ever drink any more (Ahh)

Axe: teach me to be bad…

I booking a flight as we speak. I have what you need and it ain’t chocolate. 😉

You deserve all three, dear Ann!!

And Axe’s idea sounds great to me! Good to see you Axe!

oh… and did I mention I would be prepared to share… the chocolate and the vodka LOL

Brian… I’ll meet you at the airport

lotsa luv ann xxxxx

i been bad i been good…still dont have an answer….but….bad is more fun, jacky

“This is Brian.”
“I thought you were coming to London to give me what I needed?”
“I was on my way. But security stopped me and took everything!”
“Everything Brian!”
“Yes. Everything that a real man needs to bring out the bad girl.”
“That’s ok Brian, I’m sure when can make do.”
“Oh Ann, but I had such nice implements too. Special just for you.”
“Can’t you take the next flight?”
“All right, I’ll be on the red-bottom, I mean red-eye flight. See you soon.”
“I’ll be waiting with covered in chocolate.”
“Lickylicious Ann. I can’t wait!!!”

I could give up the booze and even the choclate…but VDO with a clear sense of KNOWING and all the other senses?Definately worth giving it all up for…at least for a while.

Ann, can I come play too, please … I’ll bring extra chocolate! I believe that EVERYTHING comes to those GOOD ENOUGH to wait. xoxo

I AM ORDERING YOU SOMETHING BATTERY OPERATED (since there’s the whole 110V/”whatever” problem with plug-in stuff sent ‘cross the Pond).

I can cover it in chocolate if you like ….

Well if they don’t – you at least should! When is Vincent going to come to his senses? Could I have one of those chocolates by the way?

Hardly ever, but that doesn’t stop us wanting!

I gotta go with Jill’s answer, combine all 3.

When are we going to get to see the long awaited picture of you with the kids?

of course you can all have all those chocolates.

I am a happy bunny.

I have survived this day (I won’t go into why) and when I got home nicely merry, there was 20 minutes of Jones to watch… oh yes, yes, yes.

But his theory is wrong… he says small men like petite women because they are a snug fit… Bobby Bobby trust me big men and petite women are an even snugger fit… ask mrsbg!!!!!

sorry…. think it’s the drink that’s talking…. hehehehe

Anyway, that’s the Bobby Bobby I fell in love with, that’s the Bobby Bobby who married mrsbg… where are you now Bobby?

I don’t drink so no point in giving that up,as for chocolate,I’d rather have that & VDO,although at a push I’d just take VDO 🙂

Eliza xxxxx

ROFL! Love the ‘conversation’ between Brian and Ann! Love this post, Ann!

Riccie! I have no idea what you are talking about. :p

Good girls always really, really want what’s bad for them! And that’s the fun of it! :p

Yea, what Irene said. Plus you can tell BG has a naughty side that would just love to come out and play (when he’s not doing serious detecting anyway).Only one thing more delish than chocolate ….

Mmmm…. dny is right. All three, together. Bliss….

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