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In The Palm Of His Hands

Posted on: 20 October 2006

His hands dig deep into my heart
They curl around and squeeze it tight
My heart it throbs and beats within his grasp
Willing I am, no struggle, no fight

His hands reach darkly into my soul
And stroke my essence, my nub, my core
Silently I’m screaming, I belong to you
Take my being, take me more

His hands brush gently across my form
And caress like a butterfly my skin
A fire burns beneath his touch
My womb is crying out within

His hands run frenzied through my hair
And pull me sharply towards his face
Captivated and drowning in his eyes
Yielding to his wild embrace

His hands search boldly within my depths
Arousing, beckoning, pleasure, desire
Leaving earth, welcoming heaven
Flying on wings in a chariot of fire

His hands rest gently in my own
His strength, his power, possess me still
Sleeping for now within his arms
For soon his hands will return of their own free will

Copyright 2006 Ann Raven


9 Responses to "In The Palm Of His Hands"

I know that for many of you this is not a new one, but it is one of my favourites and we all know whose enormous hands inspired me to write this one… I don’t think I have ever seen hands as big as his… mmmmmmmm

Big hands….there is a saying I think.;)

Or is it how you use those hands. A Master’s hands can bring much joy and pain.

Said by a true master ;>)

Not that I have any experience in this sort of thing…but thank you. ;>)

I was just guessing…. LOL

It was a good guess though. :p

Ouch… hot one and love it :).

A pleasure to read what’s in your mind Ann.

Beautiful Ann – already one of my favorites!

With your words, I can feel the hands…

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