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Posted on: 23 October 2006

Choices decisions
Wise well chosen… or not
Hesitant for moment’s pleasure
For just one stolen kiss
Ephemeral rapture
Transient bliss

On my shoulder devil dances
Temptation great
The lure the pull
Satisfaction guaranteed
Whispers angel in my ear
Or sorrow hell agony

Thinks contemplation
One illicit thrill
Rhapsody rising
Relish burning brush
Paradise heaven nirvana
Anticipate his touch

Agony or ecstasy
Deny desire wants needs
Give in, feel, face
Torment, woe or sheer delight
Illusory embrace in his arms
Exhilaration fright

Choices decisions
No, not at all; just castles in the air
Imagination running wild
Flights of fantasy
Romanticised chimera
Quixotic fancy dreams

copyright 2006 ann raven

I have not heard lutes beckon me, nor the brazen bugles call

But once in the din of a haunted lea I heard the silence fall.

I have not heard the regal drum, nor seen the flag unfurled,

But I have watched the dragons come, fire-eyed, across the world….

And I have felt the sudden blow of a nameless wind’s cold breath,

And watched the grisly pilgrims go that walk the roads of Death,

And I have seen black valleys gape, abysses in the gloom,

And I have fought the deathless Ape that guards the Doors of Doom.

I have not seen the face of Pan, nor mocked the dryad’s haste,

But I have trailed a dark-eyed Man across a windy waste.

I have not died as men may die, nor sin as men have sinned,

But I have reached a misty sky upon a granite wind.

the loves of my life

at the touch of love, everyone becomes a poet ~~~ plato

thank you…

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October 2006