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Posted on: 23 October 2006

Choices decisions
Wise well chosen… or not
Hesitant for moment’s pleasure
For just one stolen kiss
Ephemeral rapture
Transient bliss

On my shoulder devil dances
Temptation great
The lure the pull
Satisfaction guaranteed
Whispers angel in my ear
Or sorrow hell agony

Thinks contemplation
One illicit thrill
Rhapsody rising
Relish burning brush
Paradise heaven nirvana
Anticipate his touch

Agony or ecstasy
Deny desire wants needs
Give in, feel, face
Torment, woe or sheer delight
Illusory embrace in his arms
Exhilaration fright

Choices decisions
No, not at all; just castles in the air
Imagination running wild
Flights of fantasy
Romanticised chimera
Quixotic fancy dreams

copyright 2006 ann raven


7 Responses to "Temptation"


Good afternoon. It’s cloudy and chilly today only 25 C. Tomorrow morning it’s supposed to be only 8 degrees!!! Bring back the heat!!!

Oh! Lovely poem btw. It reflects the constant struggle we all face in dealing with desires. Friends who were once strangers. Lovers who are now strangers. So many choices. Still, my belief is that friends can do anything. 🙂

L & S

my experience of Floridian weather is hot hot hot, humid, humid, humid. It’s a cloudy day in London too, but no ch- ch- chills.

Brian even with friends there has to be parameters, boundaries to be respected, each friend treated as an individual, each one with different needs or purposes or agendas.

I have friends I support and friends who support me, friends I confide in, friends I wouldn’t, friends I pray with, friends I play with, all different, all wonderful, all friends.

lotsa luv ann xxxxx

Yes I do agree with you Ann. That is what is difficult with making a new friend. The feeling out of boundries, the finding out of common interests and the things that make you tick. Sometimes you have to follow your instincts and take a leap of faith, and make a friend that fascinates you.

L & S

Hmmm… it’s not so much ‘difficult’ with new friends, it is more a learning curve. But instinct and gut feeling do play major parts in establishing friendships.

Learning curve??? With no guardrail and large potholes. 🙂

But how does instinct work without being face to face? I think that is the most interesting thing about the modern age, is how human society had evolved from cultures being based on personal contact, to the electronic age where minimal interaction is possible. It is true that you can be anyone online, but everyone I am friends with is who they say they are.

L & S

On my original profile I wrote this about myself…

…. what you see is what you get

Brian, I have been duped by somone on line who was not the person I thought they were or the person they claimed to be, but the same happens in the real world, not just cyberspace.

I’m sure we’ve all been hurt, fooled, betrayed by someone we trusted.

I can see Brian you have attracted and made many genuine true friends… this reflects on the person you are.

lotsa luv ann xxxx

That goes for you also Ann. You are genuine and I sense that. When I first started making friends and opening up, I posted about how all I wanted was some friends that I could talk to w/o feeling like I was walking through a minefield. That’s even more true today.

Btw, I’ve been to London three times and I think my favorite part is Kew Gardens.

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