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Posted on: 25 October 2006

Escort required for mother of the groom. Vincent D’Onofrio need not apply… he blew it! Must scrub up well, be light on feet, have impeccable table manners and no dirty habits…

hmmm… maybe Vincent does still stand a chance. If he takes pity on me and fancies an all expenses paid holiday in Israel in the summer, but we may have to share a room… I’m sick of paying the dreaded single supplement


erm… maybe not! LOL


Tonight is ‘Meet the Parents’ night… well Lucy knows me and Jamie knows them, but we don’t know each other and guess who invited them to dinner, with real food Jill? The kitchen smells wonderful, but I’ve still got loads to do and they’ll be here in about three hours.

Can I lose 10 lbs in three hours?

I’ve asked if the mother of the bride is younger (yes she is) thinner (yes she is although Jamie diplomatically said we’re shaped differently) and prettier than me (well my children know where their bread’s buttered and I’ve brought them up so well, they say we both are… hmmm).

Will report back with more, but I will not be discussing the financial arrangements and I will not be bitching… I am sure they are lovely, because Lucy is lovely and I couldn’t wish for a nicer No.2 daughter-in-law.


A new mrsbg is hot off the press… she never gets it right. Sounds like someone I know very very well…doh!

If you want to enjoy a little Bob E Howard visit here and from the pen of moi visit here but don’t expect Wordsworth or Byron or REH… it’s just my flight of fancy.


Oven calling me… must get back to the kitchen sink… I know my place!


Happy birthday Lisa… hope you got lotsa lovely presies ;>)

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