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Posted on: 27 October 2006

Wednesday evening went off well, but I am exhausted. It was a late night, but the meal was scrumptious and the company good. We watched a dvd of a friend’s wedding and Jamie and Lucy said that’s what they want, overlooking the sea as the sun comes down… magical.

Must see if there’s any piggy boxes hidden anywhere and go down the back of the couch.

I worked yesterday and babysat for my friends with the twins and I am just finishing the cleaning. I thought tonight would be a quiet Shabbat, just the daughter and me, but oh no, daughter has invited some friends for dinner (you don’t mind do you?) and the b/f is staying over the weekend, so cleaned her bedroom and bathroom too.

We’re trying to organise an engagement party (well a l’chaim for those in the know) very soon and we think the wedding will be in Israel next summer… very very very hot oy… and we shall need the services of a wedding planner (doesn’t that sound posh) but trust me a wedding in Israel is a fraction of the cost of a wedding in London, oy, yoy, yoy!

If I get another call from my dearest son with more bright ideas I will scream and you will hear it. It will be the scream I usually reserve for entering the daughter’s room. And another thing I’m doing this weekend; planning a trip to Israel for Chanukah with mother. She has never met Moriah and I’m missing those babies so much. (Thinks to self… must get a second job maybe on a secluded tropical island where clothes are not a requirement…. imagine how much I could save)!

I am sorry I have not visited all of you lately and I promise I shall try and visit you all over the weekend and play catch up. I want to hear your news, see cheeky vdo pics and read your amazing stories and poetry.

To prove how busy I have been I’ve only managed to watch a very little bit of Bobby… mmm that’s not right, there’s nothing very little about Bobby Goren.

Wishing you all a wonderful restful weekend and Shabbat Shalom


14 Responses to "IT’S FRIDAY… SO…. BABY DAY"


It is astonishing how much planning goes into a wedding. Here in the States, you have to start one year ahead of the date. I think a beach wedding at sunset sounds idyllic … especially in Eilat – then all the guests faint from heat and you don’t have to pay for a reception! Enjoy this very special time in your family’s growth. Shabbat Shalom. xoxo

Oh – your babies are so beautiful. Look out world when Moriah gets legs under her – she is just going to be non-stop! Just think – you can anticipate more now that Jamie and Lucy are marrying! Glad to hear the dinner went well and that the wedding planning is coming along. Breathe, enjoy the Sabbath and remember that we aren’t going anywhere and will be here when you get to us!
Love, Kate

Great pics of the babies; they are so cute, and I’m like Val, not a “baby person”!!

Glad to hear you had a nice time on Wed. night. It’s going to be a busy year for you and your family, planning and arranging everything but I know it will be perfect and beautiful, and worth every penny in the end. Tell me, are Boaz & Moriah going to take part in any way as ring bearer & flower girl?

Have a great weekend!

Jon (No.1 son) will be best man and Boaz will be a little page boy along with Lucy’s nieces who will be bridesmaids. I think Moriah will barely be walking, but I will certainly get her a very very very pretty dress.

Give yourself a treat and watch some Vincent – because you deserve it…

Ann you shouldn’t be cleaning your daughter’s room!!!!I hope she appreciates you…

Awww… Boaz and Moriah brighten up any day!

Israel is being very wet and windy with scary thunder and lightning this week. Hopefully it will clear up soon. A wedding in the summer should be wonderful!

I think I’d go nuts trying to plan one, though. Good luck!

I hope you’re having a quiet saturday. I don’t work on saturdays either, and unlike sunday (I’m a church-goer) I can sleep long on a saturday. πŸ™‚
Good luck to your daughter for her engagement and wedding.
I hope you will be posting photos of the wedding in Israel then.

I love Fridays around here πŸ™‚ Sweet little Boaz and Moriah!
The wedding will come together beautifully…they always do! The planning, on the other hand, is another story πŸ™‚

She is getting so big and my Boaz is just more precious everyday. The wedding is going to be wonderful although I know the planning is going to be very time consuming. πŸ™‚

They are so beautiful … blessings all around!

Sounds like you had a beautiful Shabbos with the family. Your Mom’s in Israel? How wonderful. At least the weddings there are a bit more casual and certainly a fraction of the cost. Sorry, I’m late catching up – seems you know how life takes over. xox ~ G

Oh most of all – beautiful babies!!!

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