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Posted on: 6 November 2006

I have an enormous workload at home today, but I’ve been naughty and distracted and actually finished and posted a mrsbg which you can find here and for once she isn’t in trouble, but then she’s not back home yet. For some reason I had difficulty with this chapter, but I’m not tooooo unhappy with it now… I think it’s time she gets a little excitement back into her life. (She’s not the only one. Hmmm, that’s not quite true, there doesn’t seem to be a dull moment in the Raven household at the moment, but there’s no Bobby/Vincent around to make it even more exciting… LOL)


11 Responses to "DISTRACTED"

I’d get distracted by either one of those faces!! Will have to catch up with mrs bg later – my workload is heavy today too!

Afternoon Ann,

Here’s to excitement!!!

I will head over and read the story now.

L & S

Only half an hour to Bobby, but I must pop over for a read.

Ann, Brian is the only distraction for me. hahaha! Thanks for being a frequent visitor! I do love your comments! Thanks much! D 🙂

Great pic of Boaz! What a happy little boy! Vincent, as always, is a cutie patootie!

I’m always late to the party being over here on the left coast! G2G cuz I have to pick up the soccer playin’ girl. Yikes no time to read mrsbg right now. It will be my late night reward.

Hello, Boaz!

Sweet precious little face…
and a nice distraction to have!
So, you have 3 blogs…
A busy lady….. so talented!
I am heading over to mrsbg now!
My big distraction today is our election…hoping for changes!!!


I seem to be permanently distracted since Vincent entered my life 🙂

I have been so darn busy that I couldn’t allow myself to be distracted all week. But her I am, finally! Gorgeous pics of the children, Ann. Thanks for coming to visit in spite of my lack of communication. By the way, open invitation to Shabbas dinner – tell me when to be at the airport. xox

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