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Walk Away

Posted on: 8 November 2006

Step out
Walk away
Walk away
Leave distant voices
Far behind
Calling my name
Don’t go
Don’t go
Must be free
Don’t go they say
You cannot leave
Watch me
Walk away
Walk away
Skies and I
Thunder as one
Eyes heavenward
Thank you rain
For fusing tears
Upon my face
Where are you
Come back they say
No no
I must
Walk away
Walk away
Need I
Their consent
For release
To commune
With nature
Feel as one
And when tears spent
Await the sun
Cheeks dried
As soft sweet earth
Warmth and light
Ocean waves
My sustenance
I have to
Walk away
Walk away
Let go
Leave rat race
Far behind
Breathe in fresh air
Find my spirit
Zest of rainbows
No more staring
Out the window
If I dare
Walk away

Walk away

copyright 2006 ann raven


6 Responses to "Walk Away"

Tres bon mon ami! Love poetry…how long have you been writing? (I know this is relating to another blog, but did I mention how adorable your little lovies are? Don’t children give you such hope?!)Thanks for sharing !! 🙂

I feel the freedom of it all in your poem!
Nature and peaceful moments!

Thank you!


Hi Ann,

Walk away indeed. Do you know that if you walk far enough, you will meet yourself?

Or perhaps a friend, and have a picnic there in the meadow. 🙂

gorenlust: merci beaucoup. well it’s writing again really after a long hiatus, but vincent was my muse; I’m not sure about that anymore. I am yet to write a poem that I am proud of… compared to others they are weak.

Margie: thank you. I think of it as leaving the material world… perhaps a desert island would suit me

Brian: The thought of meeting myself is terrifying… the last person I would wish to meet. Your second suggestion is far more pleasant

lotsa luv ann xxxx

Hi ann
Sorry for the confusion on my poems
you commented on.
The first one I had on called illusive fragrence…I chagned to the poem I have now!
You had commented on the first poem, as I was doing the changing!
If you like, I’ll delete your first comment!
And, yes a desert island woould be
Have a wonderful day!


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