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Whoever You Wish It To Be

Posted on: 10 November 2006

Just standing here
Minding my own business
Bored out of tiny mind
Nonchalantly filing nails
Something going on behind
Turn around quelle kerfuffle
Drop dead gorgeous guy
Marches in hangers on
Determined, focused stride
Others fawning take his coat
Place espresso in his hand
Coolly indifferent glances over
Who on earth is this man?
Vaguely familiar looks
Do I know him?
Maybe author signing books
Spots me peeping, get wry smile
Wave back with cheeky wink
Blows me kiss, others shriek
Do you know who he is?
Hell no, like I care
Hmmm… interesting
Closer look, blatantly stare
He’s got that je ne sais quoi
Through body shivers run
Sidles over, excuse me ma’am
Through mine slides arm
Do you know who I am?
Sorry sir, I haven’t got a clue
Are you free, mmm… could be?
Arm in arm exit building
Laughing, lackeys in pursuit
Softly asks what do I do
Husky voice, I do fun
And you?
Whispers name in my ear
I am… you know who

Copyright 2006 ann raven


4 Responses to "Whoever You Wish It To Be"

HA!!!! LOVE IT!!!! LOVE IT!!!!LOVE IT!!!! You rock girl!!! That’s all there is to say! 🙂

That is wonderful, Ann! So cute and sweet and quirky… just like The Man… 😉

Love this poem Ann!


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