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Posted on: 15 November 2006

At the UK Music Hall of Fame

Just because I’m the booba on the blog, doesn’t mean I don’t like to be with it

Jazzy B inducted James Brown, the godfather of soul. My word can he still perform and shake it all about to I Feel Good… he was fantastic. Really fit.
Roger Taylor of Queen inducted Led Zeppelin and Jimmy Page accepted the award. A new group called Wolfbaby or Wolfman on the Run (not sure who they were) played Communication Breakdown; I was kinda hoping for Stairway to Heaven… hmmm
James Morrison (cool, cute) inducted Rod Stewart who wasn’t present, but spoke to us live from LA… may the dear man stay there. (Oh Val, name dropping… his current Penny Lancaster lived two days from me and I know her brother). Well James Morrison performed First Cut is the Deepest and imho, a million times better than dear old Rod.
David Gilmour of Pink Floyd inducted Brian Wilson… he really is getting on, bless him. Brian Wilson performed with an orchestra G-d Only Knows and Good Vibrations… that was a nostalgic trip down memory lane.
My real real real reason for being there. Dave Stewart (ex Eurythmics) and an American songwriter inducted Bon Jovi… the audience were in an uproar. All the artists had people televised to pay them tribute, and BJ had, amongst others, Bill Clinton. Jon Bon Jovi was sitting in the front row and we could see him so easily from our seats.

They performed three songs, which was one more than I expected… the acoustic version of Living on a Prayer, Dead or Alive and It’s My Life… awesome, wicked, magnificent, superb… all the superlatives I can think… that man is heaven, plus Richie has lost some weight since I saw him in the summer.

Josh Stone inducted the late great Dusty Springfield and Patty Labelle and Lola Hendrix accepted her induction. Patty Labelle knocked out one of Dusty’s great hits, but sadly I’ve forgotten which one and then Josh Stone belted out Son of a Preacher Man.

I had no idea Prince was being inducted too and I was so excited… two of my ab fab favs in one night. He was inducted by Beyonce, but I was gutted, he didn’t perform. He said his band was in Las Vegas and I don’t think he liked to perform without them, but he spoke beautifully and sincerely from the heart. It was still awesome to see him and I find Prince exceedingly erotic.

The final inductee was Sir George Martin. He asked a friend to speak about him… Gordon Brown, not a wise move, but no doubt he didn’t know about the increase in the Bank Rate when he invited him… there was quite a lot of booing and hissing. The grande finale conducted by an 80 year old Sir George Martin was brilliant… everyone else had rejected the Beatles, not him.

All in all a wonderful evening… I just adore Bon Jovi… like you couldn’t guess and I actually fancy Prince. It will be on Channel 4 Thursday evening and More4 or 4More whatever on Saturday.

Now how do I get to see Vincent in the flesh????


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You are such a “with it” woman!

Wow! What an amazing lineup!! David Gilmour is so cute. Nice pic of Bon Jovi too!! Glad you got to see all those legends.

I heard about the booing, but the rest were not mentioned even though I was listening to Capital Gold. They are playing “Love” tomorrow, the new CD created by George Martin and his son and the Cirque Du Soleil of Beatles numbers remastered on Thursday at midday. If I’m here I’ll try to record it and see if I can work out how to put it on my blog.

Sounds like it was way, way too much fun!

Holy CRAP!! This wounds wonderful! I, too, have a penchant for Prince. He’s so little but man, his voice kills me.

I also realized watching this, that you are waaaaaay cooler than I am. HUGS!

u were with these HOT dudes? OMG how lucky r ya!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im fainting right now from reading the list of the BRILLIANT musicians u have mentioned.

And that Jovi pic…I can drool all day!


You are so totally cool…

Jon has a million megawatt smile that I just adore…

I simply had to pay you a visit!
Laying in bed most of the day with this aching back was not the most fun!
But, it sure is fun to read this post!
I’m thrilled for you that you had such an amazing evening!
And, thanks for your visit!
It cheered me up!
Well,back to bed!

Sending lotsa Hugs!


thanks everyone….. yeah how cool am I…. NOT. Even cooler, I went with my future daughter in law and we had a great evening out together, she’s so lovely.

right off to the office now

lotsa luv ann xxxx

How fun Ann! I’m so happy that you and your future daughter had fun- she’s a lucky girl! And lucky you! LOVE the JBJ shot (need a cold shower now!)- I thought I was the only one to find Prince erotic! LOL! He’s this tiny little bundle of sexy…so glad you had a fun night! You deserve it!:)Alex

Wow how very cool was it that you got to be there! It sounds like you had an awesome time! πŸ™‚ Very cool~

Sounds like a great night out.

I can’t take Prince seriously after hearing Kevin Smith talk about making a film with him…

As for Vincent… um, become a filmmaker? Or a stalker?

Finn: well I can’t take a photo so filmmaking is out, and I would make a dreadful stalker because I’d be giggling too much… I thought I could become his housekeeper… mmmmmm

I agree with jojo! What a great line up you’ve got going on there! :0)

Oh honey, you’re sooo lucky! I hope you had a great time (of course you did!)

You know how much I love JBJ too, huh? You should’ve gone over to say “I like your ass. Can I wear it as a hat?” LOL! One of my lifelong dreams is to do a duet with him, since he inspired me to be a singer.

You sure have taste in music, Ann.
Glad to hear Richie doesn’t eeek you out anymore…LMAO! Probably lost the weight ’cause he’s on the market again.

You Rock and Roller you – very cool! A woman after my own heart. Have a Shabbat Shalom and enjoy the family. xox ~ G

PS: Thanks for having a good wallow with me. I feel much better already πŸ™‚

how wonderful but today is friday and i need my boaz fix. 😦

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