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Five Special Words

Posted on: 20 November 2006

On her lips five special words
Take heed of them
They are not absurd

Not the ones whispered true
Declaring passionately
I’ll be there for you

Or even the sweet sublime
Most romantic
I love you be mine

Nor when you ask on bended knee
For her to be your wife
Will you marry me please

And her answer is second to none
The five words you wish to hear
Yes you’re the only one

For when she is in a dither
Don’t duck or seek shelter from things
Flying hither and thither

Pay attention you have nothing to fear
If you say these five words to her
Yes my love whatever dear

And it may help if you add for good measure, there there there
When she cries out her five special words
I’ve got nothing to wear

copyright 2006 ann raven


7 Responses to "Five Special Words"

Ann…you never, never cease to amaze me….!

Hi Ann
Just too good!
Really love this one!

Margie xxxx

Ann, aren’t those the 5 words every man wants to hear?? Excellent poem!!


There is but one answer.
To this age old question.
A man must ponder deeply.
Before uttering these fateful words.

My darling you look smashing.
In pearls and nothing else.

L & S from your M

Ann: This is very good. 🙂

Listen, I have 2 wardrobes full to bursting and it’s true for me. Why don’t men get it?

we never cease to amaze ourselves … the words we long to hear are spoken … and we float in to a dream … and then suddenly the world outside of ourselves bursts the starry bubble.

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