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I Had A Bad Night

Posted on: 23 November 2006

1.00 a.m.

Isn’t life marvellous
Isn’t it grand
Why don’t I keep my mouth shut
Bury my head in the sand
Try not to even understand
Then I won’t be such a fool
When, as ever I get it wrong
So, should I learn to play it cool
As if I don’t care
Guess for everyone’s sake
I should slink off
Tail between my legs and disappear
So take your pick
You choose the one that fits
I’m an idiot
I’m a fool
I’m a twit
Or just a jerk
Whatever you choose
It’s the truth and
… it hurts

3.00 a.m.

Why don’t I see what others see
With vision and with clarity
I have this disability
I’m blinded by my stupidity

3.30 a.m.

I hate the word hate
Except in one case

copyright 2006 ann raven


25 Responses to "I Had A Bad Night"

I think you are wonderful…
Bad night’s get can get us down!


So not true Ann, so not true. I have been blessed by your friendship and love. True friends, real friends, life friends understand, make allowances and keep sharing and moving forward.

L & S Ann always

Oh Ann!!!

A word of advice in dealing with the bunny. He is kind and sweet and never gets upset at friends. He loves you and all your words and thinks you are the best.

So forget about him and let’s go shopping!!! I nead some girly things.


dewy, you’re right forget about him for now. We do need therapy even though he says not… retail therapy. Well shoes and bags first or shall we lunch then hit the shops?

lotsa luv ann xxxx

Ann, we must have lunch first! All that exercise trying on shoes, we need our strength. LOL

I trust you will guide me to something appropriate to highlight my rounded assets?


well I wouldn’t mind some new boots Dewy… but honey you already look fantastic. I was thinking long soft black leather with killer heels, helps your rounded assets sway ;o)

lotsa luv ann xxxx

Purrrrrr!!! Me likes that thought. I can see those boots, paired with a trim skirt and a red silk blouse.

You did say we could test drive some blokes this weekend? Perhaps we will stop traffic. LOL


dewy…. I’ve just sent you something, in red… LOL and yes you would stop traffic…

lotsa luv ann xxxx

Oh Ann,

You sent it twice! Hmmmm. Red? Naughty? Is this what I think it is?



Dewy… oooops, how did that happen? I don’t know what you’re thinking, but I’m sure it’s not this. I sent it in an email via Brian and when he gets it he needs to press all the buttons on the side to see what a mover and shaker you really are.

lotsa luv ann xxxxx

I don’t know Ann. *shakes head*. That sounds very complicated and way too much for the bunny. I may have to take over. *grins* Can’t wait for us to get home.

I used to have my own e-mail, but I never got anything. Besides, it’s too much work and all that junk for pills I don’t need.

Dewy don’t you start shaking your head at me… Brian does that… huh! You know it’s not the pills stuff in the junk mail it’s the breast enlargement and the (whispers) u know what enhancers, I mean how do these people know?

Listen honey as long as Brian doesn’t mind sharing his email addy and he doesn’t look when I say it’s for you, that’s okay isn’t it?

I’ve got a question for you later… I won’t ask him, I said I wouldn’t ask him anymore ‘cos it gets me into trouble, but I can ask you, girl to girl

lotsa luv ann xxxx


It was a good shake of the head…you know, like that waggle of the botty.

I have to wait until later for the question?

You know I was just thinking that the Bunny is a lot like HWIHTOBDNA.. Maybe you should just talk to me from now on and I can pass along the info to him.

Yes, it’s fine sharing e-mail with him, he respects my privacy.


dewy…. oh dear you have a strong point about bunny and him… hmmmm, interesting.

lotsa luv ann xxxxxx

Tell me about it Ann! I mean the major difference, is that B is not a bully, so you are *safe* with him, but he does want it his way all the time. Maybe between the two of us, we can teach him how to treat a lady. Not saying that D is not a lady, but she keeps him in line in other ways.

We are taking a break for lunch shortly so I will be back later. Btw, we had a chat with another blogger awhile back that ran to 83 comments. 😉


hmmmm…. dewy you know you’re right, B does like it his own way, but I said I would follow his lead… silly me!

do you think he’ll have his hands full with us (and I’m not talking rounded assets)? We could run him ragged a little, not too much, because he is a sweetie

my goodness 83 comments… wow… that’s a marathon if ever

enjoy your lunch

lotsa luv ann xxxxx

As I recall, B offered to let you lead at times. 😉

Hands full? He already has his hands full!!!! I think that women should always make men work for their assets, running a marathon and all that. He is a sweetie though and takes very good care of us. Stern, very disciplined.

I usually go away for lunch, but today he was reading the most fascinating book that I couldn’t help but read over his shoulder.




dewy, he is so disciplined and I am …. SO NOT.

you can’t just tell me it was a fascinating book and not tell me what it is… did he buy the book I told him to? If not, I’m gonna send it to him… you might like to read that one over his shoulder too.

what did you have for lunch?

lotsa luv ann xxxx

He reads different books that he gets from the library. He never, well rarely buys books. This is called “Domestic Pleasures” by Beth Gutcheon. I hope you will forgive me, but I find it interesting because it is about marriages and what happens when they end. I want to be a good girlfriend to you, so that’s why I am reading along.

B has already forgotten about the book Ann, he feels guilty now. He’s had a lot on his mind lately.



dewy, that is very sweet and thoughtful of you, I appreciate it. It sounds interesting. Do you think I would learn something from it?

Yeah guess he has had a lot going on lately…. silly moi

lotsa luv ann xxxx

I am not sure, he just started reading it today, but the tone seems to indicate that love can happen again, even after hurts. (((hugs)))

So, you said you are cooking today. What are you making? What kind of girly things do you plan for this weekend?



Oh dewy, that is such a nice thought… I’ll hold it.

sorry, but my son came in and just kicked me off here… huh!

right the cooking is for Shabbat dinner tonight… hors d’oeuvre is something B won’t eat, chopped liver but Diane might… lots of iron, and an egg dish and humus and pickley salad things, then I made a yummy vegetable soup, then roast chicken, roast spuds, roast sweet spuds and green vegies… and for dessert fresh raspberries, strawberries, blueberries and a very fattening jewish dessert, lockshen (vermicelli) pudding… oy vay, the cholesterol, thank goodness for statins.

ooooh girly things… hmmmm. tomorrow a lazy day and then with friends in the evening; they’re a bit boring, not fun like you Dewy, but they are very sweet people.

Sunday gonna sort out more stuff for the engagement party, then go shopping for clothes and toys for my babies and in the evening I’m gonna see my lovely adorable niece who is here for a few days from New York.

What are you up to Dewy? Will we get to chat?

lotsa luv ann xxxxx

I would love to chat this weekend, it sounds like you are going to be frightfully busy though. Perhaps you could send an e-mail with a time and I’ll see if that’s a good time.

Right now I am drooling over the keyboard at all that food. Beats anything B eats; which brings up the issue of what do I eat when I am out? I like different things than B.

You know girlfriend, I need to teach you how to handle your kids, when we are talking, we rule.

Have a pleasant and relaxing evening dining. I will talk to you this weekend. I have to go now.



c u Dewy… good timing for me too as everyone is descending on me… now…

lotsa luv ann xxxxxx

We all have nights like that, and my heart goes out to you in reading this. I haven’t the nerve to write poetry in the dark hours of the morning.


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