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Posted on: 24 November 2006

Before Jill calls and starts kvetshing at me… see, look honey, here’s your Boaz. Sorry they are repeats but the children have been poorly this week so no new pics and for some unknown reason, or rather some reason known only to blogger, any newer ones wouldn’t upload…. I was just getting black squares…. hmmmm.

A question…. one for the men maybe! Would you consider buying the following from the classifieds?

Used model

One previous owner

Needs rescuing from scrap heap


Give away price

Few knocks

Few scratches

Soft upholstery

Cheap to run

Low fuel consumption

Prefers leaded

Needs oiling occasionally

Purrs on first turn

Likes gentle touch, but if you put your foot down….

Classic model, bordering on vintage

One on it’s own

May be customised to suit new owner

Hope you and yours had a lovely day off yesterday. Guess the turkey wasn’t the only thing that felt stuffed by the end of the day. Tess, where’s my pumpkin pie? Have a lovely weekend and Shabbat Shalom…. I have a full house tonight, so back to the kitchen sink for me.



P.S. You know that word verification thingy some of you have before posting a comment… sometimes it can take me 3 or 4 times before I get it right. Am I the only klutz in blogdom that makes a matzah pudding out of it? I’m sure you don’t need to be Jewish to know what I mean… LOL.


23 Responses to "POET’S DAY… HOORAY"


I am in need of new transportation myself. (;o) Perhaps I could take it out for spin… you know, just to see if all the bits still work?

Speaking of stuffed. Diane made a great dinner for yesterday. She is out this morning buying crafty stuff that is on sale.

Can’t wait for the weekend, we have a big meeting planned to go over our next moves. We always have time for friends. Have a blessed weekend.

L & S always

There once was a used model
who’s exterior was so fine to see
got very good mileage
and never made a sound
but lift the bonnet? What a dynamo!




It would be interesting to see if all the bits work… I haven’t got a clue!!!!

I’ve already discussed your dinner with Diane and I want some of the cheesecake with my coffee… now!

Hope your weekend goes well


I luv ya girl

lotsa luv ann xxxxx


That cheescake was heavenly. Diane is a great cook. We are so lucky to be with her.

We will have a great weekend.

L & S always

I saw for myself that Diane’s a great cook… erm… so am I, which is what I am doing right now. Soup’s simmering as we speak and about to put a pudding in the oven… I lurv puddings which is why my assets are probably more rounded that Dewy’s ;o)

lotsa luv ann xxxxx

Yes – I too have trouble with word verification. I have a mild form of dyslexia which makes those wavy numbers hard and I simply cannot make the ones in red work – have to wait for blue or green letters!
Your grandchildren are just as beautiful the second time around!
Shabat shalom!

… love the pictures Ann (seeing the big guy always gives me a smile) but please tell me a bit more what our little sweetheart is doing?

Love those little ones ann!
Their sweet litle faces always make me smile!
Have a wonderful weekend!


Thank you for not making me call you this week to complain. It is so much easier when you just remember that eve of Shabbat is my time with Boaz.

Love and kisses and by the way I am still laughing at what Rachel’s boyfriend was saying yesterday about Thanksgiving in his sweet British accent. And Rachel is just a grown up Em with an accent. Love it. 🙂

Kate: I am totally hopeless with word verification.

Liz: I’ll be seeing the babies in a few weeks so then I can report back much much more

Margie: thanks I think so too, but then I am rather biased

Jill: actually that was Jamie and yeah Rachel and Em are out of the same pod. I have this saying when anyone asks why she doesn’t help or anything… it’s because I gave birth to royalty… LOL Shabbat Shalom

lotsa luv ann xxxx

Oh are so silly..your ad should read as such…

For Sale to a connoisseur of fine things only:

One slightly used model

Resided with one previous unappreciative owner

Lovely classic

Covered in a lovely patina of Ver di Gris

A bit dusty and rusty from disuse

A gentle hand needed for the dust

A rough one for any rust

Together work to bring back the
outer luster and shine

To match the beauty found within

Only a collector of fine art of the ‘Rubenesque’ era need apply

Now that’s an ad fit for you sweet Ann..m

oh madd you rock…. lurv it!!!

thank you so much.

lotsa luv ann xxxxx

Ann, I too have troubles with word verify. My eyes – I can’t tell the difference between letters sometimes .It’s the crazy fonts. It’s agri-damn-vating! Thanksgiving was great. Lots of leftovers! Hope your housefull was enjoyable, talk with you soon! D 🙂

Love the ad/poem, and much could apply to me too, but – “low fuel consumption”?? Unfortunately not.

As for word verification, I have been know to click on to the disabled sign in desperation, but couldn’t get it to work. When I was unable to comment on my own blog I turned it off.


Diane: and now I’ve got leftovers too… hooray

Val: well I’m not that low on fuel consumption, not after what I’ve just eaten

Gorensladylove: wow… thank you

off to bed now… nite nite… sweet vdo/bobby/whoever dreams

lotsa luv ann xxxx

Wonderful pics of Boaz … hope that he and his baby sis are feeling better soon!

Hey Have you ladies heard??? Vincent has opened his own MySpace account! It is rather shame we fans are not invited into his list except his family and close friends. Check this link.

Hi Ann! I feel like I’ve been eating for days and days…oh wait, I have.

Um….did anyone see the post right above mine from anonymous? What’s that about?!

ok let me explain, jojo.

Friendster and MySpace are almost equal. this is the link where you can search your former friends or schoolmates or officemates, including families, and add them into your list to remain in touch. sometimes, we could be discovered by our old friends thru other people’s list. or… you can easily track down your friends by writing down on search engine their whole names or email addresses, or look at the people’s list of friends. sometimes, strangers will kindly accept us in their list if we added them, sometimes, they don’t. from teenagers to adults join Friendster and MySpace

i have few celebrities on my MySpace list, but I don’t bother them much. as i was saying, i spotted Vincent D’Onofrio! he made his own account so he could stay in touch with families and close friends only. it really sucks that we fans will be rejected by him if we try to add him. oh well! i understand he has to keep himself in private.

this is his MySpace link:

Definitely not the only klutz, V’s and P’s look the same and oy vey – so many others, lol, I am the queen of klutz’s. Hope you had a wonderful Turkey Day. Your list would be fine for a car but not for a date 🙂

beautiful kids!



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