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If The Walls Could Talk

Posted on: 30 November 2006

Brian told about a blog called Poetry
Thursday. One line is suggested as the
foundation to build a verse.
Dewy and he have written their excellent
versions… this is what went through my head
when I jumped out of bed at 1.00 a.m.


If the walls could talk
What would ours say
Of what went on
Behind them
Locked in secret
Night after night
Day after day
The image to the world
Of the perfect man
You did portray
When the walls and I
… know the truth

copyright 2006 ann raven


8 Responses to "If The Walls Could Talk"


What truths do walls hold indeed. Perfect man? I don’t know. Truth is perception after all.

Love you

Hi Ann,

You make me worried when you write like this. I hope you are ok with everything.

Concerned Dewy


Thanks for the link ((((girlfriend)))).


I love you both so much… I am fine.

Son here for dinner this evening and I am being duly booted off and…. I don’t want him to read this.

I’ll be back soon…

lotsa luv ann xxxxx

Message received and understood. Brian and Dewy out.

I love this poem. Thank you for sharing Ann. 🙂

If Walls could talk they would tell my hearts deepest secrets. Cos I speak to walls all the time.


As I sit here writing a poem…
talking to myself…
the walls would say so much!

Love this poem!


Absolutely beautiful … walls have feelings. Perhaps, also walls whisper … let go. A lovely reminder that walls hold secrets.
There is some depth here.
Thank you for sharing. :o)

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