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Give Me Five

Posted on: 1 December 2006

6.30 a.m.
Languid languorous
Kittenish grace
Leisurely stretch
Stir awake
Soothing sounds
Sweet melodies
Just one more song
Oh love this one
Just five more minutes
This is the 7.30 news
What day of the week is it
Oh… noooooooooo
Bound out of bed
Tweak twitch curtains
Eeeeek wet wet wet
Hop skip jump
Shower hot hot hot
Give me five more minutes
Under steaming stream
Please… aaaah
Hot hotter hottest
For me… mmm… dreams
Should be watching clock
It can’t be, not yet
Slap on make up in five
Aitchoo aitchoo
Nooooooo… panda eyes
Now my attire
Trousers skirt suit
Sandals shoes boots
Yesterday brown
Erm… today fancy black
Must swap handbag
Has to match
Watch the time
Five minutes to spare
8.30 a.m.
It just can’t be
Not already
Where are they
My keys keys keys
Five more minutes lapsed
Who took them
To empty house
Rush rush rush
Maintain poise
Leap ladylike into car
Neighbour waves
Her screaming boys
No time to chat
Must escape
Hit dreaded school run
Please be green
Don’t be red
Brain in overdrive
Slow down
Camera here
Mustn’t speed
Huh… can’t
What excuse today
Does he believe me
Traffic bad
Dreadful weather
Road works
Or last five minute call
Oh no, he’s in
Before me
Cardinal sin
Good morning sir
Looks at watch
Good afternoon you mean
No sir
It is only five minutes
A girl must do
What a girl must do
Put kettle on
Then radio
Offer coffee all round
Fix hair and make up too
Workday starts
9.00 a.m.
9.30 a.m
Asks me
Tell me dear
Do I pay you to work
Or just be here
Naughty grin
Wink at him
Work indeed
Pouting peck
On chubby cheek
Basic prerequisite
Position unique
That’s me
Thought my job’s
Paid to be pretty
Draped on desk
The office accessory

Copyright 2006 ann raven


8 Responses to "Give Me Five"

Well Ann, you have made my day. (((hugs))) Just a smashing piece of work this is, just lovely. Of course, it’s all my fault I am sure, so you can tell your boss that.


This is a brilliantly written poem and you have lifted my spirits today.

Thank you.

Have a great weekend, I have to work from 8-2 tomorrow. 😦


Not happy your spirits are down…

Not happy you have to work tomorrow…

erm… 2.00 is 7.00 p.m. here…

we’ll work something out won’t we… yes, say, yes… yes????

lotsa luv ann xxxxx

p.s. yes it probably is your fault… LOL

What a way to start a day! I hope this didn’t have its roots in recent experience.

Simply brilliant.

I find it amazing how you manage sometimes, using the same style of short lines, slow time down to make us linger on every thought, and at other times perfectly (and I mean PERFECTLY) capture the frantic pace of life some days.

A lovely, lovely piece of work.


PS – and somehow I think you are far more than a pretty drape on a desk.

Hi ann
I do love this poem!
It is quite wonderful!
You sure can write girl!

Have a beautiful weekend!


Tom, yeah… I really do have to work hard and I’ve never draped myself on his desk, but I am sadly overworked and underpaid and I am a bad timekeeper and I am cheeky because my boss is a good friend too, so I get away with it… LOL

lotsa luv ann xxx

awwww nice one Ann!

Its a manic monday over here 🙂


She is always late for work … and she only lives 2 minutes away.
What the heck … :o) Love the poem. Just sounds like my daughter. Rush, rush.
Thanks for coming over to my place.

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