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Thank you Vincent for everything. For being such an awesome talent. For providing me with hours of excellent entertainment. For making me feel like a woman again. For being the catalyst to meeting other fans who appreciate you as much as I do. Finally, thank you thank you thank you for being my muse…

What a day… a day of mixed emotions. It started when Rachel’s boyfriend told us his sister got engaged…mazal tov to them. Joyous news. Well at breakfast this morning I most unwisely said to daughter and b/f (who also has a married sibling and an engaged one now, oh just like his g/f) … oh both our families have two down one to go. Well, I tell you, I am surprised I am still here to tell the tale. She said to him, I’ll kill her later, he said to her; no I’ll do it now.Doh! Can’t they take a joke… do the kids of today have nooooo sense of humour? At least I didn’t say ‘please G-d by you!’ Well they’re all out celebrating tonight, and I hope someone else has the guts to say that to them…. hehehehehe

They stayed in together last night… here… huh! He had a list of possible Chanukah gifts for her on his laptop… I muttered under my breath, add a gag to it. Thank goodness they didn’t hear me… oy vay.The tombstone consecration went well considering it was a tombstone consecration. Last night the weather was atrocious, howling gale force winds and torrential rain… everything has been turned upside down in my garden… but the sun came out and shone. It wasn’t really a sad occasion, my fil was an old man and it was more a celebration of his life. The rabbi spoke beautifully of his humour and his charm and how my fil could talk comfortably to anyone of any generation or any faith. There was nothing not to like about him. Any tears shed were tears of fond memories.I was somewhat surprised that I was included on the tombstone, but I guess I was his daughter in law and divorce from his son, doesn’t make me divorced from the family.

Afterwards we went back to my sister in law for a few hours, family time. Actually it was lovely seeing everyone but being with my ex is surreal… I have to stop myself from doing what comes naturally… being affectionate…hmmm!!!

However, the nicest part of the day was going to my friend’s twins 3rd birthday party. They are just so cute, these two gorgeous little girls and they are as bright as a shiny penny. Their older sisters were there with their husbands; they are the same age as my boys, 29 and 27. I stayed to watch them open their presents… oh I wish I was three again. The toys today are wonderful and I had to stop myself from coming home with the sweetest little dolly… I want one, I want one, I want one, stomping little foot.

Tomorrow must do my Chanukah shopping… lots and lots of toys for Boaz and Moriah… only two weeks to go before I see my adored babies.

Have a lovely week…. you too Vincent.

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