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Posted on: 3 December 2006

Thank you Vincent for everything. For being such an awesome talent. For providing me with hours of excellent entertainment. For making me feel like a woman again. For being the catalyst to meeting other fans who appreciate you as much as I do. Finally, thank you thank you thank you for being my muse…

What a day… a day of mixed emotions. It started when Rachel’s boyfriend told us his sister got engaged…mazal tov to them. Joyous news. Well at breakfast this morning I most unwisely said to daughter and b/f (who also has a married sibling and an engaged one now, oh just like his g/f) … oh both our families have two down one to go. Well, I tell you, I am surprised I am still here to tell the tale. She said to him, I’ll kill her later, he said to her; no I’ll do it now.Doh! Can’t they take a joke… do the kids of today have nooooo sense of humour? At least I didn’t say ‘please G-d by you!’ Well they’re all out celebrating tonight, and I hope someone else has the guts to say that to them…. hehehehehe

They stayed in together last night… here… huh! He had a list of possible Chanukah gifts for her on his laptop… I muttered under my breath, add a gag to it. Thank goodness they didn’t hear me… oy vay.The tombstone consecration went well considering it was a tombstone consecration. Last night the weather was atrocious, howling gale force winds and torrential rain… everything has been turned upside down in my garden… but the sun came out and shone. It wasn’t really a sad occasion, my fil was an old man and it was more a celebration of his life. The rabbi spoke beautifully of his humour and his charm and how my fil could talk comfortably to anyone of any generation or any faith. There was nothing not to like about him. Any tears shed were tears of fond memories.I was somewhat surprised that I was included on the tombstone, but I guess I was his daughter in law and divorce from his son, doesn’t make me divorced from the family.

Afterwards we went back to my sister in law for a few hours, family time. Actually it was lovely seeing everyone but being with my ex is surreal… I have to stop myself from doing what comes naturally… being affectionate…hmmm!!!

However, the nicest part of the day was going to my friend’s twins 3rd birthday party. They are just so cute, these two gorgeous little girls and they are as bright as a shiny penny. Their older sisters were there with their husbands; they are the same age as my boys, 29 and 27. I stayed to watch them open their presents… oh I wish I was three again. The toys today are wonderful and I had to stop myself from coming home with the sweetest little dolly… I want one, I want one, I want one, stomping little foot.

Tomorrow must do my Chanukah shopping… lots and lots of toys for Boaz and Moriah… only two weeks to go before I see my adored babies.

Have a lovely week…. you too Vincent.



Are they coming up to England or are you going to Israel to see them? Have they ever traveled w/ Boaz to see you? If you are going there, will you be checking out the wedding site (or did they decide to have it in England?)?

You are such a cool mom to allow your daughter’s b/f to stay the night! Tell her to lighten up! 😉

I hope our VDO google alert experiment works!


Hi Ann, a big hug to you :0 JoJo is right, You are a cool mom!!

About the google experiment, I could not help myself… 🙂

just watched pas de deux… again… in the hope that my mrsbg muse could inspire me to finish a story… hmmmm

right your questions sweetheart

I am going to Israel with my mother who has not yet met Moriah

I think Jon came alone once for my fil funeral

The wedding will be in Israel, but not gonna check it out till later… will probably take another trip in March. I’ve stayed before at the hotel where the wedding will be so I know it’s lovely

I think I’m a cool mum… but kids don’t want cool mums, they want mums that are seen but not heard

I would love more people to join in the fun… we’ll just have to wait and see… LOL

lotsa luv ann xxxxx

ooops… sorry was commenting from london-love-verse… doh!!!

Liz, thank you for joining in the fun.

lotsa luv ann xxxxx

Just posted pix of Whit and Ash for our experiment…

I think if I saw my name on a tombstone I’d be a little shocked too 😉

Hugs and kisses from across the pond. 🙂

I think that, if Rachel’s b/f can’t take the heat, he ought get out of your kitchen …

Ann, I loved your comment on the Reel. It was perfect. Can you believe there were 50 responses to that small notation in the NY Post? What a hoot!

Regarding your non-relationship with the Great One, it is truly his loss in my book.

Love ya, Anon A

finn: thanks for joining in the fun

jill: mwahx back

grace: LOL

anon a: hi, welcome… see I opened my comments so you could get here. think I kinda got the last word there… hehehehehe…

looks like Tamara, JoJo, Claire and I made it this hit…

guess Val, Eliza and Finn will feature next time

thanks for being silly with me.

lotsa luv ann xxxxx

miss ann the comment you made on the reel really cracked me up. i loved it! some of those gossipers were so annoying they wouldn’t leave the poor man alone.

hey ann,
that google thing was fun, when will we repeat this? 😉
oh, and where can i see the google alert btw? i registered myself last week, but when i click on the alerts, the newest ones are from november 14th!? help…

i can already see you spoiling boaz and moriah big time 🙂 and the toys today are really great, i also wish i were a kid again… and could actually afford all that stuff, have you seen how expensive all the new toys are? phew…

wish you a wonderful week

I am so glad that you were included in the tombstone – and of course you are still part of the family. I am sure with the place your fil held in your heart, you must have held the same in his. It is so wonderful when a ceremony like this can be a time of celebration and gentle memories. Sorry about the ex though!!
And I think you should buy yourself a dolly while doing your shopping today!

Hi Ann,

Just wanted to check in with you today. I am feeling tired this morning after all the excitement on the weekend. I have an idea for an interview with you, I’ll send it tonight.

Sassy Dewy


Well, dear, you are the mother of three members of the younger generation, so you tell us – so they have a sense of humour? If they don’t it isn’t because of a lack of it in their mother, you always make US laugh.

Tamara, did you leave an emailo address for them to send the alerts to? That’s how I get mine.

anon: thank you…I simply couldn’t resist… LOL

tamara: I got some cool stuff today…

kate: you know it did actually mean a lot to me…

DK: I don’t think you will be, hear your keyboard has died… ah!

val: they have been known to laugh… usually at me not with me

lotsa luv ann xxxx

Thanks Ann, I appreciate it. Nice to be able to post. Let’s hope it does not bring on the hit and run artists to spoil the fun.

Unfortunately it did not end with your comment. It should have. It was the PERFECT comment.

The gal who claims to personally know from EDO that VDO is still married to Carin came back saying that EDO told her that personally.

I especially enjoyed the part where she adds that VDO prizes his privacy but doesn’t hesitate to invade it. LOL Is there a full moon or something?

It was such a hoot. Talk about Much Ado About Nothing. LOL Sheesh, there are 54 comments thus far.

Take care, Anon A

anon a… well I don’t comment there often, but I really couldn’t resist the dig, because it was getting toooo toooo silly. I wish I had got the last word, that really would have rocked… LOL

you take care too

lotsa luv ann xxxxx

Vincent is HOT, HOT, HOT. And that’s all I’ve got to say.

Hi ann
I always enjoy reading about you and your family!
You share it with joy and humour…
two things I need in my life!

Sharing the wonderful memories at the tombstone consceration seems like it was more about joy than sadness…that is beautiful!

Do you buy a lot of Hanukkah gifts?
My hubby is Jewish…and we just give small gifts to each other..and our kids!

Well, hope you have a wonderful week!


Ann..just stopping by to say I and tell you I missed you!! I am so glad your day went well and it was such sweet memories for you..even though there was a ‘fly’ in the ointment..but it was wonderful that they showed just how much they love you to include you on the headstone..lovely
I agree with you on the toys today for you think we could buy them anyway and pretend…??! I’m care sweetie..m

Hey Ann..I Tagged you..:) go check my post..m

hehehe… ann you should’ve checked elizabeth d’onofrio’s blog. some had guts demanding a question from edo about you-know-who-he-is and his wife. i guess they never had a sleep til they get an answer lol. too bad. administrators of the reel just closed the comments even if they got an answer.

hey if ever you drop by at Israel, can you take pictures of the Dinner where Jesus had His last meal with 12 apostles? PLEASE??? thanks


I’ve never visited edo’s site. I thought it was for budding thespians and I am certainly not one.

I’m a Jewish mama and my wish for vdo is he should only be well and happy already.

lotsa luv ann xxxxx

your father-in-law sounds like a gracious man, a class act all the way, and a good judge of character to have added your name. I’m pleased you loved and were loved by such a wonderful man. Note to his son: raise your damn game. I would like to spank Rachel and her nasty boyfriend for their lack of good humor and petulant response to your comment. Go sit in the corner, you two, until you can treat our darling Ann with the respect she deserves. I would have thrown myself on the floor screaming, no no, for the love of all that’s right and good no, I’m never getting married. But I would not have made a nasty dig at you nor would I have allowed boyfriend to, either.

Jen… shhhhhh… they’re having dinner here right now and he brought the food. They’re being really lovely tonight and very funny and nice to me…. maybe they were just tired Sunday morning.

lotsa luv ann xxxxxx

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