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Love Love

Posted on: 7 December 2006

I love love
I love to love
I love being in love
Am I in love?
I am not in love
I say it again
I shout it out
Hear my voice
I – am – not – in – love
I am out of love
I have fallen out of love
What do I feel?
It has quite gone
I feel wonderful
The grey clouds have lifted
The sun is shining
I hear music
Cry tears of joy
I can love again
I will love again
I am unshackled
The chains are gone
I can fly
I have wings
I can breathe
I – am – set – free

copyright 2006 ann raven


8 Responses to "Love Love"

Sometimes I read my verse to No.2 son… he saw this and it kinda hit him.

He said that’s my father you’ve stopped loving. I felt awful.

But his father told me he stopped loving me almost seven years ago and yesterday was our wedding anniversary and I woke up feeling fine on it for the first time in years.

In one breath they want me to get over him… and yet… do they really? I loved him so very much.

I don’t know what to think any more, I am very confused.

My heart goes out to you in reading this, for I know the feeling and the confusion and the pain so well.

But this verse should be your anthem. It’s a song I will be singing in my own heart through the day.

Thank you for the sharing, not matter the pain the sharing might have cost you.

I found that I love being in love – it gets me into trouble!

I understand how you feel. To realize you no longer love someone can be a very sad moment, even if you don’t want to love them.


You are a strong woman no longer tied in strings of guilt and pain. You have snipped all those tangled cords and are finally free to be you.

I love you. 🙂

This just makes my heart ache. Cyber hugs to you. Jill

As they say , time passes , and despite ourselves we do ” move on ” – sometimes cying and screaming, but we do

New interests , friends, possibilities all go into the mix – now it’s your turn ( to move on ) and you’ve just realised that

Take heart in that

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