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My Heart

Posted on: 7 December 2006

Deeply buried was a memory
Jogged by a single word, as if it were only yesterday
Innocuously brought back to life
Had I truly forgotten or had I chosen to hide
The agony and ecstasy of my heart gripped in his hand
The vagaries of living and loving that man
Capriciously ripped it out, my throbbing life
Heartlessly thrusting traitorous knife
He chewed it up, spat it out, threw it on the pyre
Futile, he should have known nothing could crush my desire
For try as he might he will never succeed
My heart is my own; it belongs to me

Copyright 2006 ann raven


2 Responses to "My Heart"

This is too poignant to say anything about.

Bravo Ann! Again I say Bravo! Your heart is no man’s plaything.


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