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With or without a simcha buddy the simcha was absolutely wonderful, so everyone tells me. In truth I was not completely relaxed but as they say “it was alright on the night.” The phone has been ringing off the hook all day so guess the affair was good and I did something right for a change.

I’ve just returned half the booze to the off licence… thank goodness for sale or return. Well the weather turned dreadful and bear in mind it was a Jewish function, so good food and hot beverages go down a treat far more than the hard stuff… although quite a dent was made in the scotch…hmmm… I have my suspicions. Yes, the ex’s *fond of a drink Ferrari driving lech* cousin was there, of course.

I knew there would be more than 200 guests; someone thought nearer 250 came through the doors… wow! The party was held in our local synagogue hall, but Lucy’s brother-in-law is an events manager and he transformed the place. Glittering lights and mood lights made for a very party atmosphere. People came in thinking they were at the wrong venue. Only the previous day were we sitting there eating chulent and kugel after the service.The food was scrumptious… the tables were adorned with the most magnificent flower arrangements. Enormous lilies in giant vases filled with floating fruit… whole fruits; lemons, oranges, apples, whatever!

Yes, but back to the main event of a Jewish simcha… the food. The obligatory bridge rolls and mini bagels, all beautifully presented, but then we had borekas, tiny spring rolls, sushi, dainty kebabs of fresh teriyaki salmon, mini filled pitta bread filled with Mediterranean goodies, little quiches, tiny savoury tartlets, crudités and dips, goujons, and more, much more. The fruit platters looked too good to eat and the pastries were divine my dears… having just scoffed the last one I brought home. It looked kinda lonely sitting there in the fridge all by itself… I just had to, didn’t I?

The diet will begin in the New Year. Any motivators out there prepared to dangle a carrot stick in front of this stubborn donkey? Although I don’t think there is such a word… hmmm!

I am horrendously indecisive so bought two new outfits and still unsure if I made the right choice… but none of you will know because I don’t think my pic was taken. I ended up wearing a rather fetching green outfit; a long flowing skirt in a beautiful fine fabric, a camisole and a little crochet shrug… it brought out the green in my eyes… hmmm! Erm… come to think of it, I haven’t got any pics of anyone yet.

Jamie and Lucy were radiant. They scrubbed up well. All my family and friends who had not yet met Lucy were bowled over and totally charmed by her. I couldn’t wish for a more wonderful future daughter-in-law. I know I am truly blessed that both my sons are sharing their lives with amazing girls and I love them all.

In the meantime I am nursing swollen glands and a sore throat… all that mwahx mwahx I expect. Haven’t got time to be ill… this time next week I will be walking the cobbled streets of Jerusalem pushing the buggy… yeah!!!!!


N.B. Position still vacant for the wedding, 26 July 2007 Herzliya Israel… hint hint Vincent dahling, please, please, pretty please… and this time I really really really will lose weight

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