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Posted on: 11 December 2006

With or without a simcha buddy the simcha was absolutely wonderful, so everyone tells me. In truth I was not completely relaxed but as they say “it was alright on the night.” The phone has been ringing off the hook all day so guess the affair was good and I did something right for a change.

I’ve just returned half the booze to the off licence… thank goodness for sale or return. Well the weather turned dreadful and bear in mind it was a Jewish function, so good food and hot beverages go down a treat far more than the hard stuff… although quite a dent was made in the scotch…hmmm… I have my suspicions. Yes, the ex’s *fond of a drink Ferrari driving lech* cousin was there, of course.

I knew there would be more than 200 guests; someone thought nearer 250 came through the doors… wow! The party was held in our local synagogue hall, but Lucy’s brother-in-law is an events manager and he transformed the place. Glittering lights and mood lights made for a very party atmosphere. People came in thinking they were at the wrong venue. Only the previous day were we sitting there eating chulent and kugel after the service.The food was scrumptious… the tables were adorned with the most magnificent flower arrangements. Enormous lilies in giant vases filled with floating fruit… whole fruits; lemons, oranges, apples, whatever!

Yes, but back to the main event of a Jewish simcha… the food. The obligatory bridge rolls and mini bagels, all beautifully presented, but then we had borekas, tiny spring rolls, sushi, dainty kebabs of fresh teriyaki salmon, mini filled pitta bread filled with Mediterranean goodies, little quiches, tiny savoury tartlets, crudités and dips, goujons, and more, much more. The fruit platters looked too good to eat and the pastries were divine my dears… having just scoffed the last one I brought home. It looked kinda lonely sitting there in the fridge all by itself… I just had to, didn’t I?

The diet will begin in the New Year. Any motivators out there prepared to dangle a carrot stick in front of this stubborn donkey? Although I don’t think there is such a word… hmmm!

I am horrendously indecisive so bought two new outfits and still unsure if I made the right choice… but none of you will know because I don’t think my pic was taken. I ended up wearing a rather fetching green outfit; a long flowing skirt in a beautiful fine fabric, a camisole and a little crochet shrug… it brought out the green in my eyes… hmmm! Erm… come to think of it, I haven’t got any pics of anyone yet.

Jamie and Lucy were radiant. They scrubbed up well. All my family and friends who had not yet met Lucy were bowled over and totally charmed by her. I couldn’t wish for a more wonderful future daughter-in-law. I know I am truly blessed that both my sons are sharing their lives with amazing girls and I love them all.

In the meantime I am nursing swollen glands and a sore throat… all that mwahx mwahx I expect. Haven’t got time to be ill… this time next week I will be walking the cobbled streets of Jerusalem pushing the buggy… yeah!!!!!


N.B. Position still vacant for the wedding, 26 July 2007 Herzliya Israel… hint hint Vincent dahling, please, please, pretty please… and this time I really really really will lose weight



I must confess Ann,I have only an inkling of what the party was for but it sounds amazing!I am a foodie and all that food sounds great!You aren’t the only one needing to shed the pounds.I am sitting here debating if I should FINALLY start my workout routine at the gym or just wait…until after New Years!Choices,choices…I have new poetry up if you are interested…gee I didn’t mean that to sound pushy…sorry.

Gym or no gym…maybe I should flip a coin;)!

Shall I ask my German correspondent to provide V’s phone number so you can make sure he got the invitation?

(As if I’d pass it on if I had the cheek to acquire it!)


Congrats on turning out such well scrubbed little ones. The food sounds heavenly, are you sure there is none left?

Let’s see, July 27 is only a week past our 20th anniversary, I think we make have prior plans, but thanks for thinking of us.

Doesn’t New Year’s fall differently in the Jewish calendar? Come to think of it, I think every calendar uses a different date, so you could keep rolling the date back and never get to the gym. Smashing idea!!

L & S

bryde: hi sweetheart. It was my son’s engagement party. I’ll come over and pay you a visit.

val: real friends do share, but don’t worry if you would prefer not to. I’m going to make him an offer he can hardly refuse… LOL… hmmm!

brian: I binned the leftovers straightaway. I’d only bin them later otherwise. There was tons there for vegetarians, you’d have loved it. I love your way of thinking, but I seriously must take myself in hand… I simply have no willpower.

lotsa luv ann xxxxx

That makes ywo of us with no willpower…or at least to drive to kill myself in the gym!

What a beautiful couple Ann!
They look so happy!
And, it was a wonderful time
for all!
250 people! Wow!
I can feel all the joy you have!
You are blessed!
I hope you feel better very soon Ann!
Next week, you will be with your little darling’s!
How wonderful!

Take care of yourself!



I posted a basic primer on Gnosticism (modern),as I know it.I can point you to books as well,if you are curious.It took me a long time to find a path that made sense to me and many churches later I found this…long before Mr. Dan Brown!

I was going to say,your soon to be SIL is very cute!They make a lovely couple and I wish them all the best.

Hmm… I have to go to a wedding next month I think. I have no idea who’s getting married but my professor is taking me *shock horror*

I may have to ask you for tips. Maybe my professor can be your simcha buddy. He’s a tall Jewish-Italian guy 😉

Sounds like a fun time was had by all. I always hope that my boys end up with girls that I can like. So far I’ve liked them, but then again they are still too young for anything serious. Hey about the weight thing- I keep going to weight watchers every week. I feel like I’m wasting my money not getting to goal, otoh, I’m not gaining weight either. I guess maintaining is ok for the holidays.

miss ann, may i ask for your email add? i have a very loving (not gonna tell! its a surprise!!!) for you so you can display it on your blog. you’re gonna love it!!!

thank you

So glad the party was such a success – but then I knew it would be if you were doing the planning and all! And I’ll bet you were as lovely as the party. The food sounds sumptious – I may have to convert! Jamie and Lucy look radiant and so much in love – blessings to you all at this happy time in your lives!


The party sounded wonderful even if VDO didn’t accompany you. His loss. I imagine you looked stunning. Reading your description of the food made me so hungry.

I will be starting my diet/exercising after the New Year, trying now is pointless for me. I have so little will power.

Oh how I would love to be walking down/up the streets of Jerusalem. What a magnificent city, the sounds, the fragrances. It is truly magic.

Blessings to Jamie and Lucy and their wedding.

Have a safe journey and stay.

Luv ya, Anon A

Margie: I am blessed, I know I truly am

Bryde: I was just interested as I know nothing about it, thanks for the post I’ll come over

Finn: hmmmm… sounds good to me

Claire: oh *diet* really is a dirty four letter word


Kate: thanks, they are a lovely couple

Anon A: hi there… yes just a few days soaking in the feel of Jerusalem then off to the Dead Sea for some rest and relaxation with No.1 son and the babies… aaaah!

lotsa luv ann xxxxx

How lovely that everything went off well! What an extravaganza you held! The food sounds delish! I am sure you were lovely, was there dancing? Hope you’re getting packed!
Bet you’re excited, I would be! Talk with you before you leave! D 🙂

Hi Diane: It was a lovely evening… will definitely talk before I leave

lotsa luv ann xxxxx

Oh, Ann! This just sounds wonderful!! Truly filled with delightful food and tons of love. I am so pleased that it went well. I’ve been lurking over here, but haven’t commented in a while. Sorry about that love!!

I bet you looked radiant and if you can drum up a picture, maybe you could share. Hope you feel better! HUGS and LOVE!!!



there is another anon. miss ann will never know who asked her email add. i better display my blog name. well anyway… thank you for sharing and have a great days before Christmas!

you’re gonna looove the card!

Pinky; hi, how ya doing? I know you’ve been busy… still don’t have any pics yet 🙂

anon: looking forward to your goody… don’t forget I’m going on holiday on Sunday 😉

lotsa luv ann xxxxx


I will miss you terribly while you are off having fun with the children.

Thank you. 🙂

L & S


well you and Diane abandoned me for a week…. hmmmm

if there’s internet access anywhere I’ll be in touch, but the time difference will be seven hours… doh!!!!

just you make sure it’s not a case of out of sight out of mind, but absence makes the heart grow fonder

lotsa luv ann xxxxx


Could you do me a favor and delete Dewy’s comment. She left the wrong address and it goes back to my account for some reason. Oops!

Brian… done it!

lotsa luv ann xxxxx

Thanks Ann. *hangs head* I can’t even type my name right.

Contrite Dewy


silly dewy… just left another long one at your blog…

lotsa luv ann xxxx

Ann… did you say a long one? For moi?

Purring Dewy


Hey Ann! Sorry I haven’t had a chance to post; work’s been busy w/ my boss in trial.

Sounds like you guys had a great time and LOTS of awesome food. The holiday food parade has started here as well, lucky for me I still have my gym membership b/c I’ll start back up again after new years.

How long will you be gone?

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