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Posted on: 14 December 2006

Twas the night before Chanukah, as it is said

And Santa was sitting and hocking his head
He had all the toys wrapped up nice in his zeckel
For maidlach and boys to give each one a peckel

The reindeer were saddled and ready to fly
Like a crew of brave astronauts all through the sky
But Santa was starving to eat a good meichel
Some regular food that would stick to his beichel

Not plum cakes or mincemeat or peppermint candy
But some kosher cooking he thought would be dandy
So he called to his reindeer, “Hey, kinder, let’s go
To a Jewish balbusta and don’t be so slow.

“The house had no chimney, so he went through the door
And kissed the mezzuzah and jumped on the floor
Then the man of the house said, “Santa you devil
Come on, don’t be shy and see our split level

The night is still early, there’s plenty of zeit
So come in the den and please have a bite
If only we knew you were coming, by gosh
But I’ll call out the wife and she’ll give you a nosh

A slice of stuffed derma, a few little strudels
Some chicken salami, some flanken with noodles
Some blintzes, some kreplach, some lox and bialy
A bissel chopped herring, an end piece of chaleh

And if all of these goodies don’t fill up your gatkes
Last but not least, some Chanukah latkes.”
“A latke?” cried Santa, “what is this delight?”
On the outside it’s golden and inside it’s white.

On the outside so crisp and inside it’s yummy
And he gobbled them up ’til he filled his fat tummy.
Then they gave him a dreidel and showed him the plays
And he took a menorah to light for eight days

And to give Santa some spirit and to show how they felt
For mazel they gave him some Chanukah gelt.
He beamed and he chuckled and said “Kine-ahaora,
I don’t want to feel like a Chanukah schnorrer

To show you how much I enjoyed your Jewish snack
I’m leaving you everything, even my sack.”
Then he called to his reindeer and said, “Luz mir gehn.”
And each one got ready as he schlepped on the rein

“Giddyap Irving, Hoo Ha Sidney, Hi ho Sadie, Let’s go Minnie,
Onward Gussie, Upward Solly, Ole Becky, Oy Vey Molly.”
And they swore that he yelled as he rode out of sight
“MERRY LATKES” to all and to all a GOOD NIGHT.”

Rough translation of yiddish:
zeckel= bag
maidlach = girl
peckel = coin
meichel = meal
beichel = stomach
kinder = children
balbusta = lady of the house (usually a very nice description)
mezzuzah = Commandments inside a small oblong ornament attached to right side of the door zeit = life
nosh = snack
stuffed derma = cow intestines
flanken = flank steak
blintzes = rolled like a crepe, but stuffed full with fruit & cottage cheese (or something similar)bissel = a little piece
lox = smoked salmon (fish)
bialy = kind of roll, sold with bagels
chaleh = bread
gatkes = guts
latkes = potato pancakes
dreidel = special spinning top, with hebrew letters on the side, used for a game at Chanukah
menorah = candle holder for symbolic Chanukah candle lighting
mazel = luck
gelt = coins
schnorrer = cheapskate, typically used to descibe someonewho always takes, but never gives anything back


Sorry I didn’t post earlier… I actually forgot and I seem to be devoid of original thought… hmmm. Haven’t written a word since a silly ditty on Sunday. Guess all mine are silly ditties. Anyway I found this Chanukah ditty surfing… I do not claim it as mine.


Also apologies to, and for, my dear blogging friends on Beta Blogger. I can’t post comments and I believe I am not alone. So… one of two things; you’re either upset no one has commented or you’re really pleased not to hear from me…. doh!




LOVE IT!!!! What a great post, LOL. You are such a wonderful person and I am so happy to read all your joyous offerings. ๐Ÿ™‚

Of course, now I am very hungry. ๐Ÿ˜‰

What a great Hanukkah ditty!
Love it Ann!
Thanks for sharing it here!


No worries here Mrs. Ann.I went through that myself,when I was vacant from posting on Axe’s blog for a while…every time I would write a comment it was like I wasn’t allowed to send it for posting!

Love the poem…wonder if there is a similar one for other faiths….

Happy Hanukkah Ann! ๐Ÿ™‚


Oh! What fun! Hanokkah starts tomorrow, yes?

Well, I have tagged you today! 12-14, please play! D

Hi Ann
I am popping in again to wish….
A Happy Hanukkah to you and all your loved ones!


Great find, Ann. I have heard from Diane and others they couldn’t post on my blog, and sometimes I haven’t even been able to post on my own, but it was always temporary. I hadn’t realised it was widespread and ongoing.

You know the old refrain – bugger blogger!

I LOVED this! I love and adore Latkes . . .
And convert to the beta please. They are going to make you do it soon anyway and it isn’t hard to do!

Ann – I love it!! Did you make this up? Well done! Don’t feel bad, I have been having trouble posting on the beta-blogger sites too.

I have a post I am going to do for you today, in the same vein as your “Night Before Chanukah” post.

Love, JoJo

This is terrific!

Nice one Ann – I thought Beta blogger was supposed to be less troublesome; some hope by the looks of it!

Aren’t ya missing gafilte’ fish? (Not sure how to spell that.) But my friend who is Jewish comes to my Christmas Eve & Hanukkah celebration. She always brings the gafilte fish- I love it for some reason. A lot of people don’t…but it grew on me.

Dearest Ann..this is so great..loved seeing it from a different view..!! sorry have’t been up to blogging for a bit..thank you for your visits..helped me get out of my funk..have a Happy Chanukah..enjoy the family..luv ya..M

I have beta blogger and you have posted on my blog. Hmmm? I noticed that for some random reason known only to techno geek e-people, posts will occasionally just not show up.
Love the poem- have lots of Jewish friends. I love chaleh! Yum, I always overdo it with the carbs.

oh i wrote merry christmas on the card i made for you instead of “hanukah”

i will re-make it again.

nice greasy latke yum.
May you have a wonderful and happy Hanukkah. She knows all about the kosher foods and festivals she lives in a very Fruhm area.
:o) Bagels for Sunday breakfast!

Ann, I’m running through but will be back later (I have a doctor’s appointment, nothing serious just keeping my head on straight and so forth).

I can’t wait to come back and read up, because it looks like a good one for sure!!!

But I wanted to wish you a Shabbat Shalom and a Chag Sameach booba. xoxox ~ G

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