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and I’ll see Boaz and Moriah on Monday… yippee

Another week has sped by, but then so has this year already … hmmm …

On the radio they are saying ten days to Christmas and I’m thinking to myself that means I’m back home in twelve days and I haven’t even left yet … silly me, maybe I should have booked a longer trip!

I’ve given no thought to the packing. I am very much a last minute person … a euphemism for a lazy cow. Once again if I manage to squeeze a pair of jeans and a couple of skirts into the case, then I’ll be lucky. My room has been taken over by baby stuff, lots and lots and lots of it and I love playing with the toys. Got Boaz this amazing spinning top… everytime I go past it, I have to give it a whirl. Not sure who’s the bigger baby.

This trip mother is coming and we are not staying with the children on their hillside on the outskirts of Jerusalem… mother refuses to stay there. She says it’s too boring. She is like a little dervish… if she has to sit down for too long, she is bored, bored, bored.

We shall spend a few days in Jerusalem in a *very nice* hotel and then all of us, four generations, are heading off to the Dead Sea for hopefully some sun, sea, sand (sadly none of the other *S* boo hoo) and lots of salt… oh yes, yummy salt scrubs and mud wraps and relaxing massages… now should I let a man do me? I always think yes, go for it girl and then chicken out… dare I this year… oooooh I don’t know.

Chanukah in Jerusalem is very special and delightful. I remember a trip eleven years ago when we were at The Western Wall on the last night. The Chanukiah was ablaze; it was a glorious spectacle. There is a wonderful atmosphere; the schools are closed and there are hundreds of children around. In the hotels they serve doughnuts and drinks and there’s dancing. I must be the only fat person I know who doesn’t do doughnuts…. I don’t do fried food, although I hear Krispy Kreams are baked… nah, still don’t think I’ll like them!

I shall try and come by and visit everyone before I leave… I apologise if I have been a little remiss lately and blogger has been a b***er too.

I’ve left a song by Police for Guy … haven’t posted lyrics in ages.

Also a soppy sappy rhyme called New Woman. No comment on that one; think it’s pretty self-explanatory. I am reviewing my excuse for a poetry blog… erm… I am thinking maybe my scribblings should be for personal consumption only. For any poetry lovers, I mean the good stuff not my rubbish which doesn’t qualify as poetry, there are some amazing sites to visit.

Back to the holiday… I shall end with a little true story.

On one of our flights to Israel, as the plane landed the pilot began the customary thank for you for flying ElAl blah blah blah bit. However, instead of saying, “Please remain in your seats until the aircraft has stopped and the seatbelt signs are off, ” he said, “Thank you for flying ElAl and on behalf of the crew I should like to wish the passengers who are seated a Merry Christmas, and for those who are standing Happy Chanukah.”

The whole plane burst out laughing. I think ElAl is probably the only airline that when we land people applaud and sometimes the passengers burst into song. Fantastic…. beef or chicken…

On that silly note, I wish each and every one of you and yours much joy and happiness as you celebrate your holiday.

Happy Chanukah, Happy Christmas, Shabbat Shalom and have a lovely weekend.

New Woman

Posted on: 15 December 2006

Like a dried up snake
Could I shed my skin
Don’t much like the one I’m in
Would I emerge
Svelte and slim
Or trade in another part
This shrivelled heart
And pump fresh blood
And kick-start
This shoddy old body
And while I’m at it
Discard lachrymose eyes
That no longer disguise
Emotions within
Bright and brilliant they would view
The world anew
And no one would know
Can I rid myself
These damaged parts
Purge my feeble fragile traits
Akin to today’s new man
Could new woman I create

copyright 2006 ann raven

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