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New Woman

Posted on: 15 December 2006

Like a dried up snake
Could I shed my skin
Don’t much like the one I’m in
Would I emerge
Svelte and slim
Or trade in another part
This shrivelled heart
And pump fresh blood
And kick-start
This shoddy old body
And while I’m at it
Discard lachrymose eyes
That no longer disguise
Emotions within
Bright and brilliant they would view
The world anew
And no one would know
Can I rid myself
These damaged parts
Purge my feeble fragile traits
Akin to today’s new man
Could new woman I create

copyright 2006 ann raven


9 Responses to "New Woman"

Yes to all of these things Ann. You are already a new woman just in the short time I have known you. Do this for yourself, you are a fantastic person and a great friend.

Sassy Dewy



moi…. non non non… I think you’re definitely the new woman in town, a wonderful wonderful new woman and sassy too and bright and brilliant and everything I’m not… but yes, I am your friend as you are mine.

lotsa luv ann xxxxx

Oh Ann, were that true, for there is one thing I am not and can never be.

Let’s PARTY!!!!

Sassy Dewy


… but despite anything and everything what we’ll always be is friends

lotsa luv ann xxxx


You give me such a warm feeling inside. 🙂

So, are you packed yet? Shoes, skirts, knickers?

Guide to eligible men in the Dead Sea?

Sassy Dewy


Oh Dewy you really don’t know me that well yet sistah… packed…. that will be something I shall do in a panic sometime tomorrow late afternoon/evening. Why do today what can be put off until the last possible moment?

Any eligible men… hmmmm. Funny I was there two years ago with Rachel and she met a rather cute guy who fell in love with her… he even followed her to England.

Most trips a taxi driver usually asks me out. When mother is with me she usually asks if I was being chatted up… she doesn’t speak Hebrew. Because I never fancy any of them I always say I couldn’t possibly leave my mother behind… LOLOL

lotsa luv ann xxxx

Give me an honest woman over one perfectly disquised any day. I’ve had both in my life at diffent points and know the real value of each!

Good writing, Ann

Hi Ann
Gosh, I’ve had two visits at my place from you!
You are so sweet!
Thank you…and thanks for the kind words and nice wishes!
I’ve been so busy, I have not had any time to reply to my comments!

You are probably all packed by now for your trip.
I am a last minute packer too!

Have a most wonderful trip!
Many blessings to you!

As for your poem…
good writing…
from a bright and brilliant lady..
with much heart!

Have tons of fun Ann!

Hugs to you!


Wonderful flow! Almost makes me want to be a woman! lol

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