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His Journey

Posted on: 28 December 2006

This is my first attempt at a sestina style poem, inspired by my dear friend and muse Brian. I have written two, but guess it’s one at a time… in any case, neither are particularly good! In truth I had never heard of this before ~ showing my shameful ignorance here. I read over and over his amazing work and then googled for more information. It meant following a pattern and an order, not easy for someone like me who has no self-discipline. My ramblings, a better word to use than poetry, are just that… the thoughts that spring from my heart and my head with no style, order, pattern or discipline…. so here goes!


his life ambition no less than to see the world
regale all who will listen to his story
events both trivial and those of value
since childhood holding fast to his dream
to circle this glorious globe; now a full grown man
his journey is more precious to him than any glittering jeweleach new sight encountered shines as a brilliant jewel
each new wonder he discovers of the world
he engages the words of any willing man
he meets, he listens enraptured by their story
some he knows are true, some he knows are their dream
every single one he takes to his heart to value

in awe he sails the seven seas to marvel, to value
glimmering hues of blue, green as sapphires and emerald jewel
new desire unlocks to adorn pretty gems on the girl of his dream
will he perchance upon his one true love in this world
voyage; their homecoming replete, completed by a shining story
of passion, romance, an exotic maiden and her erotic man

in a far away land he falls in love; takes a bride this man
to treasure, cherish, take pleasure in, protect, value
with pride, honour, delight she heeds his story
of how he wooed her like a princess, a priceless jewel
she the most exquisite wonder of his world
and the answer to his every waking dream

as one they fly to far flung shimmering shores in a dream
like state; his sparkling bride his guide becomes and shows her man
a righteous road, to make a difference to the world
devote, dedicate, bestow and give of value
their time, their energy, their inspiration to create a caring jewel
of kindness, compassion, to leave a legacy of good their story

no more a mere travelogue, now an heroic story
of helping hands who make true the dream
of poor souls suffering, offering the most precious jewel
bread, medicine, aid to every child, woman, man
in need; accepting, understanding the veritable value
of what truly truly counts today in our world

many many moons later the epic story unfolds of a wise and honourable man
whose life’s burning hope and dream brought him the greatest wisdom of all, to value
each and every man of each and every colour, country, creed as a wondrous jewel in what may yet become a whole wide wonderful world

copyright 2006 ann raven


6 Responses to "His Journey"


I know that you are waiting with bated breath for your Muse’s approval, but my dear Ann, you should know by now that I truly love your words. This sestina is all you, Ann, the woman, the lover, the friend; shines like a jewel in this poem.

I read this poem as a journey of the heart. That if you are open, and willing to embrace the world, then every journey becomes a dream. That dream of hope and love that some day we will find contentment.

A brilliant poem Ann, I am humbled and blessed by your friendship.

As your Muse, I strongly urge you to submit a comment today on Poetry Thursday with a link to this post, so that others can read. I know that they will enjoy this as well. Be brave, have faith in your words.

I do. 🙂



you are being too generous and too kind; you can email me the brutal truth

me… poetry thursday… uh uh… no way. LOL They’re poets; I’m not! I would be far too embarrassed, but thank you for believing in me just the same.

lotsa luv ann xxxxx

Well then, I will just have to link this poem myself. 😉

The truth is, I love this poem.

you’re too good to me

lotsa luv ann xxxxxx

I put a link in my post today to here.

Love you Ann. 🙂

Ann, I agree with Brian….
A brilliant poem…it really is!
I loved it!

Happy New Year, Ann!
May you have much joy in the new year!


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