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Posted on: 28 December 2006

Heathrow was chaos… thank G-d for ElAl. They have their own area for check in, as we walked past queue after queue of p***ed off holiday flyers. Then ElAl has its own hand luggage x-ray thingy… bless them. “Are you ElAl… well come this way” Still an uneventful flight, which is how it should be, and we are welcomed at baggage reclaim by Lubavitch proferring doughnuts. So while my dear mother stands back stuffing her face, I’m practically being hauled onto the carousel trying to schlep off the luggage.

What a difference a week makes… see the difference in the weather from last week when we were there and the sun shone gloriously in Jerusalem and the pictures below taken yesterday…. their first snow.

Moriah enjoying her Tigger swing. We had a lovely time at the mall shopping at Toys R Us and I was so shocked when Bridgitte chose this as she is vehemently anti Winnie. I maintain she sees my beloved bear as a Disney character whereas it is one of my childhood favourites more down to A A Milne than Walt. I was even more shocked to see stencils of Winnie in Boaz’s bedroom, so she is coming round… at last.

Boaz picked himself out some Bob the Builder toy…. I know I took tons of stuff out with me, because the prices in Israel are astronomical, but a day at the mall in Chanukah is great fun and grandmas are meant to spoil their grandchildren, aren’t they? There are loads of fun activities for children set up as I squeezed my ample rear (or as Dewy would say, rounded assets) into a tiny little chair and played with lego. Bridgitte didn’t think I could get that low or fit in… I showed her!

On this day we were thinking of shopping, but the weather was so beautiful we headed off to the Biblical Zoo instead. I hadn’t visited there in eleven years and the place is still as wonderful, although we didn’t get that far round since we decided to take the babies on the choo choo train. If you can’t make them out, they are swans in the background. Boaz and I had great fun imitating the monkeys.

No that is not me and Bridgitte rushing for the train, it’s greatgrandma (not bad for 83) and grandma (not bad for ??) pushing the buggy… sorry… stroller. Who do you think is taking the pic…. Bridgitte of course.

Boaz was not too sure about the ride, but I enjoyed it. I know I don’t usually post pics of me, but since I’ve announced to the world that I am short fat and ugly, I thought I would prove it. My intention is to lose weight before the wedding, or sooner ‘cos I have to buy *the dress* so then I will just be short, less fat and ugly.

This was our hotel in Jerusalem… the Inbal. It’s excellent, always full of you yanks and it’s in an area called Yemin Moshe. You can see the Moses Montefiore windmill on the left. Ze lo rachok mi…. ooops sorry… it’s not far and in walking distance to the Old City and Ben Yehuda Street where I went to visit my lovely little Iranian friend. I only buy gifts from him, so if anyone is going to Israel, he has the best prices and he is charming…. unfortunately he doesn’t speak a word of English, so I’ll tell you how to say ‘Ann sent me.’

Yes this is Jerusalem (well a hillside on the outskirts of) yesterday. I have a very brilliant grandson… there aren’t many of 23 months who could build a snowman.

Do you like his Thomas the Tank hat and scarf (tallit as he calls it), although don’t tell me they’ve lost the matching gloves already. Of course I bought it for him… only Β£10 in Mothercare and he loved it. Now I wish they would pick up the snowjacket I sent over with friends a month or so ago, I think the little chap is gonna need it.

Aaaah, Moriah all snugged up as a bug in a rug. I know, I know I am biased, but she is an absolute sweetheart. Her photos do not do her justice; she is so calm and easy going and laughs and giggles all the time…

Well this is the first part… got more pics at the Dead Sea, so will bore you with those next week, but just to tell you I had some wonderful treatments; so well scrubbed, buffed and polished you could see your face in my shiny… mmmmmm.

Well that’s it for now other than to say I totally freaked out when I heard James Brown had died. I saw Lucy last night and she felt the same, since we only saw him strut his stuff about five weeks earlier at the UK Hall of Fame Awards.

Thank you blogger for being co-operative in the end. I have posted some REH and something called a sestina. Real poets will know what it is…. I didn’t, but I do now.

Have a lovely weekend, Shabbat Shalom and if I don’t post again (although I may since I have a question I want to ask my fellow vdo fans… one to start the New Year rolling… LOL) I pray you and yours are all blessed with a Happy Healthy and Peaceful New Year.


27 Responses to "ISRAEL: PART I"

Ann,you have lovely grandchildren!You are NOT ugly…..I love your hair cut and color!

Rounded assets….I will have to use that one,because for someone who is happily child-free I have the “wide hips” so often spoken of that are “great for birthing”.That just means if I have any weight at all I get a wide ass!Nice people call them curves…I just call it way too much booty!

I am so excited about more pictures!Have a goos weekend if I do not post again.I have a LOT of baking to do and my sister is in town.She is the pretty one….:)!

Oh girlfriend, you know that I love your rounded assets that are now so shiny. πŸ˜‰

I have tears for your beautiful babies, now I understand why you go. Maybe next time I can come along and meet all your friends.

So many things to read I will have to absorb slowly and savor your words.

Sassy Dewy



They give you doughnuts? And your own check in? Sounds great! I hear they fly to Orlando as well. πŸ˜‰

I am so glad that Winnie is finally getting his just due. He is a legend after all and a staple of bedrooms everywhere.

All the woman in your family look great, but you out shine them all. πŸ™‚ I need to sunglasses to gaze upon your shiny parts.

Sorry, that was just the snow blinding me. Yikes! Although they look so cute all bundled up in their winter gear.

I could go on and on, but Ann, here’s looking at you kid.

Love you.

Beautious! Oh, and the kids are cute!

You are SO not ugly, you stop that or I’ll come over there and slap ya ’round! Believe me when I say, all southern women aren’t belles – most are just shaped that way! Ugh!!

So glad you enjoyed your trip. Can’t wait to see the rest of it! We’ll talk this weekend? Yes? I hope so! D πŸ™‚

bryde: you’re sweet… actually I may be rounded but I don’t have natural hips for birthing… seems the only small thing about me are my narrow pelvic bones… I delivered little runts

dewy: now that would be a wonderful trip if you were there too

brian: oh shut up you shmoozer… LOL

diane: how do you put up with him? LOL

lotsa luv ann xxxxxx

I love this post, Ann!
The pictures are so wonderful!
You are all beautiful…

Yes, sad about James Brown!
How wonderful you saw him so recently!

Thanks so much for your visits to my blog…you always are so kind in your comments!

Wishing you and yours a beautiful new year, full of much joy!


Your are beautiful and the kids are so precious. I will call you tomorrow so we can catch up. Jill

Welcome back Ann! I loved the story of part 1 of your trip… I felt like I was there with you, seeing the same things! I LOVE the photos and you are NOT short, fat and ugly!!!! I think you are beautiful and Bobby’s a lucky guy! πŸ˜‰ I’m so glad that you had such a fantastic time!!!

What can I say about the kids that hasn’t been said? ADORABLE! So cute in their little snowsuits! Does it get that cold in Jerusalem each winter or was the snow an unusual event?

margie: thank you and you do write the sweetest poetry

jill: we shall definitely talk over the weekend my friend

jojo: oh yes it does get that cold… it is very very cold where they live on their hillside and the wind billowing and buffeting around, so snow is not unusual.

lotsa luv ann xxxxx

Morning Ann,

I need soup. 😦

Love you.

{{{Brian}}} logistically I can’t help you; I wish I could sweetheart. Don’t you have any Jewish neighbours? Tell them they would be doing a mitzvah. You must get some chicken soup down you.

lotsa luv ann xxxxx

So where is the picture of you squashed into that chair playing lego?

I didn’t see any pictures of someone ugly.

To my gorgeous friend:

I think you need to include a photo in your next letter to you-know-who; those lovely, lively eyes of yours could close the deal! And don’t get met started on the babies … so cute!!

Glad that you are back! Sounds like it was terrific!

….and yes, I am THAT sick. πŸ˜‰

val: that would have been a good shot and I’m as good as any 3 year old at lego

grace: it was lovely and rotten to be home

brian: really???? LOL I don’t think I can say here what I would love to say… LOL. Okay, okay, I know you’re sick, mama really cares; I’m only joking. Are you so sick you’ve lost your sense of humour, did it get blown away into a tissue? You know i luv you really.

lotsa luv ann xxxxx

That was my sense of humor. πŸ™‚ LOL

I finished “The Kite Runner”. Interesting… no one else wanted to read along once they saw what the story was like. They normally don’t read along anyway, though Bernard got a steam engine book from Diane for Christmas. He is reading every word… twice!!! LOL

Hey Booba! Great to see you are back. Isreal is one of my fantasy vacations. Those babies are adorable. Is Moriah going to be a redhead? And how cute is Boaz with his enormous brown eyes topped his mop of blonde hair! You did good.

Brian: phew… good… LOL

I just read that book for a second time and I still couldn’t put it down. It really moved me. I then followed it immediately with The Bookseller of Kabul, do you know it? The writing itself pales drastically compared to the first book. I thought Dewy would have liked it too. Bless Bernard… how sweet.

Well, did ya like it, did ya like it?

lotsa luv ann xxxxx

I am not sure if *like* is the right word. I felt more aggravated with the narrator than anything. Maybe that’s because of my childhood immersed in the history of war; that and reading fantasy to escape.

I also wonder what I would have done, and that’s what really hit home. Would I be any better.

Thanks for sending it to me. I treasure your friendship. (((hugs)))

I think that is part of what made the book exceptional, that the main character is weak and knows it. I realise I need to talk to you about it and not write another word, because, well, because…..

lotsa luv ann xxxxx

you’re back! *jumps* i missed your writing.

your family time sounds like great fun and as mentioned before, your grandchildren are so adorable. boaz and moriah get sweeter every day it seems.

ha, “rounded assets” *lol*. makes me think of a book title i read a while ago: “my ass, the earth and other big round things” πŸ˜‰
oh, and you are neither short nor fat nor ugly. stop saying that and throw your mirror out the window, it’s obviously defective. pictures seem to be more reliable for that matter.

speaking of pictures of ourselves: i’ll post a pic as soon as i get my hair dyed. but i spoke with my hairdresser today and she told me i shouldn’t dye my hair blue, it would look awful and red is a much better choice. so we’ll see which colour it’s gonna be… πŸ˜‰

welcome back!

Happy New Year Ann – looks like you had a very splendid Christmas!

Ann, I’m sorry I didn’t make it in earlier, but hope you are having a Shabbat Shalom boobala~

Now on to the matter of you and how I can never believe another word you say! You are beautiful! I love your hair – cut/color everything. Everyone is beautiful – love the pics and can’t wait to the day when I finally make it to Israel with my own family, at which point we will look up your Iranian friend. Did you ever live in Israel yourself?

Okay, I’m off to steal one more look at the kiddies ~ Good night and Shabbat Shalom. xox ~ G

So – not ugly or plain!!

Don’t talk about wide hips – I have them and still couldnt deliver ( so to speak!) either!

I’m with Bryde for wide hips read wide ass!!

I had no idea it could get so cold. I thought you would be experiencing a heatwave while we were shivering

Lovely pictures – proud grandma !!

claire: oh if ever you can, do make a trip there

tamara: can’t wait to see the hair

diane: think you may like my next post

g: thank you. yes I did live there in my single days; once to study and the second as a volunteer and then I returned the rest is history as they say.

jan: hi… actually I don’t have wide hips, just a well padded rear.. LOL

I cannot take credit for the term, rounded assets, that’s Dewy’s wonderful expression and I borrowed it.

Ann you looked as though you were having a great time.
Snow … blessed with snow.
I remember a young Isreali girl that stopped at the door of where I worked and was so enthralled by the falling snow which had just started.
That was her very first time. :o)
Her first experience. Something beautiful about snow fall.
Photographs are wonderful of the family. Wish you a happy new year.
Good health and happiness.

Hi Ann….Glad you’re home! Can you give me the name of your hair stylist?….I love your hair πŸ™‚

The babies are Beautiful!!

Happy New Year To You And Yours..

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