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The Last Time

Posted on: 29 December 2006

Aromatic smells
Bustling sounds
Still the same
Stuck in a time warp
Nothing’s changed
Since a lifetime ago
Did time stand still
If only…
I am not that same young girl
What if…
We meet again
We do
We do meet again
That awkward kiss
A world away from
The last time
How many years since
Thinking it would be
The last time
The last time ever
Black curtains
Lights out
Save the sirens wail
Bombs overhead
Bullets beneath our pillow
Guns under our bed
Our quickened breath
Our fevered flesh
Clinging arms
Entwined legs
Seeking comfort
As one we laid
To move away
In case it was
The last time
Your thrust embedded deep
Afraid to sleep
And then the call to serve
And mine
To return home
I wait
No letter
No phone
No nothing
No email then
Are you alive
Are you dead
I met
I wed
I bed another
And now we meet
Thirty years on
Thirty years gone
I am not that same young girl
Nor you
My handsome soldier
It’s for the best
We met
But it’s for
The last time

copyright 2006 ann raven


7 Responses to "The Last Time"

Now this one is incredible. Bravo Ann. I didn’t know where the poem was going, you just lead me along with each line.

Wonderful and you have a great weekend.:)

Thank you kind sir, as I take a bow

lotsa luv ann xxxx

Just wonderful, Ann!!!!
This is so good!

Have a great weekend,
and Happy New Year!

Oh, thanks once again for the lovely comment on my lastest poem!
You are so sweet, Ann!


Wonderful Ann. I printed it out to read again later in the day. Happy New Year dear. Jill

Beautiful, Ann! Such hope and pain and loss and gain!

Oh so very touching! I am glad you are back from your trip.


margie: I think you’re sweeter

jill: hope you enjoy it

sam: yeah, but war time is surreal

tom: thank you

lotsa luv ann xxxx

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